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Yoga for healing



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Doctor shari offers afew event during the year to imrpove your knowledge in practice. You can learn how to maintain or restore your health, prevent preclinical diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

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Some of the upcomin events are:

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Workshop Topic: Preventive nutrition and Cancer Prevention

when: August 4th 2023 at 5:30 pm-6:45PM

Where: Online link via Zoom

Cost: $ 20.00

How to register: send email :

Note: The class will be held where there are at least 5 registerants.



Chakra Balancing

Workshop Topic: Release Heart Blockages with Yoga Therapy

When: September 23th 2023 at 5:30pm-6:45 pm

Where: Online link via Zoom

Cost: $ 10.00

How to register: send email :

Description: Chakras are are centers of energies that are located on the spine. As we know, there is a science behind chakra therapy. In fact, each chakra or center of enery is related to some parts of nervouses system. Those nerves are finally associated with Spine and brain. By stimulating each chakra and releasing blockages in each part of the spine, we can open the blockages, release emotional resentments and achieve peace and bliss of chakra balancing. For more info:

Note: The class will be canceled and you will be notifed if there is less than 5 registerants.

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