Yoga for Cancer

What is the relationship between yoga and cancer prevention? We know that cancer is multifactorial, multi-dimensional disease. Although nutritional influences are definite components, physiological, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual factors are also important. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of cancer must deal with all of these aspects of life and one of them is yoga practice.

Yoga is part of holistic health practice. The holistic approach covers not only physical but also emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing. Actually, healing each cell of the body is our goal in cancer prevention. As we know a normal cell has its own maintenance team that repairs any damage. Actually, there are several self-help processes in a healthy lifestyle that we apply to reactivated that part of the cell to repair the damages. Whenever this has occurred, cancer goes into remission and disappears. In particular, some of the self-help processes in healthy lifestyle includes taking care of our body, emotion, mind, and spirit through doing regular physical activity and yoga, mental relaxation and spiritual meditation, and counseling emotional support.

Practice Yoga to Prevent Cancer.

Considering emotional and mental health are imrpotant in cancer prevention. Especially, the holistic natural health approach instead of looking at the physical tumors, it goes to the basis of everything the cell is doing-namely, the intelligence at the basis of the cell. It goes to the place where the disorder begins, detects irregularities before they turn into cancer, and prevents cancer at the source. That is secret to our” answer”. On the other hand, there is a world of difference between primary “prevention“ and primary “detection”. Our emphasis is on Primary prevention which means changing the behavior that causes the disease or eliminating the carcinogens responsible for the disease.

Certainly, changing behavior and taking care of yourself are parts of a healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle is the best way to reduce carcinogens and prevent cancer. The healthy lifestyle includes taking care of our body, emotion, mind, and spirit through regular physical activity and yoga, emotional support, mental relaxation, and spiritual meditation.

In fact, engaging in regular physical activity is essential to living healthy. Volumes of research have established that regular exercise supports the immune system and promotes psychological well-being, which is also critically important. Micho Kushi, author of the in-depth book The Cancer Prevention Diet, believes that cancer is caused not much by carcinogens per but also by the imbalance in the body to create problems. He advocates the “ unified theory of disease,” which sees the internal imbalance between yin and young as the primary cause of cancer and most diseases. It is this “ duality” or seeing of body parts or diseases separate from our entire being, that allows us to treat even the mildest of symptoms as an enemy and not as an ally trying to guide us in a new direction.

In a meanwhile, it has been theorized that people who tend to suppress anger are more prone to cancer than others and that people who are happier and more content with their lives tend to have less cancer and fight it more successfully. It is important to learn to balance emotions in a constructive way so as not to be overwhelmed by them, and this entails addressing one’s own personal needs, as opposed to living according to other people’s expectations. Yoga is one of the ways that teach us how to balance our emotional well-being. In the case of some prevention and treatment; counseling, hypnosis, or other techniques are used to promote greater emotional and spiritual well-being. Finally, among those practices found to benefit cancer patient’s emotional and mental welfare are breathing exercise, Yoga, Relaxation, positive visualization, aromatherapy, massage, Meditation. If you improve your yoga practice skill and breathing,

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