Why Fatty Liver?

A condition involving increased buildup of fat in the liver. Two main types: alcoholic( inflammaion and scarring due to long term drinking), non-alcoh( result of poor diet and lack of fitness)Fatty liver is related to obesity, fatty liver accumulated fat around liver cells because of excess carbohydrates consumption. Liver has capacity to create new fat. Fructose in table sugar, and processed foods and beverages. Fructose goes straight to liver and converts to fat , surrounds liver, , growing belly.
How to reverse: cut down glucose and fructose
Good News; liver Regenerates in two-three years
What to do? Cleansing: superfoods: broccoli, cauliflower( cruciferous vegetables), Bitter greens( dandelion, kale,mustard leaves,..= liver toners= improves bile), Garlic( prevents liver damage), avocado( boosts liver ability to detox), beet root to detox heavy metals, Turmeric( combine with black peper) wonder root for flushing bile, lemon every morning, blueberris and cranberries, vitamin c rich( asparagus, bell pepper, kiwi) , vitaminE( almond, flax seeds, chia seeds), pumpkin, pecans,
good quality B-COMPLEX for vegans, loads of water for best liver function, be careful of beauty product and cleaning products.

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