Weight Management

Weight managment helps us to balance our physical, emotional, and mental health. We can Transfrom our whole health with managing our weight. In fact, weight management like other kind of managements needs to be palned. on top of that, we have to practice some strategies to execute that plan. We know that The NEW YEARS, 2021, is ahead of us and one of the ways to renew ourselves is weight management.

Health renewal is possible with balancing our weight. If our health goal is to reach weight balance and become healthier than before, planning matters. Who is going to help me down the road? It matters! Especially, choosing a health expert to guide us to execute the weigh loss strategies is improtant to achieve our ultimate goal of health and happiness. Beyond that, our health is not only physical body, but also emotional health and happiness matters!

The question is How do we know that we are over weight? The answer is being over weight means the weight is higher than what is considered to be healthy for the heights. When we are overweight, we need to know ourselves, first. Certainly, self awareness helps us to be able to feel our pain. In deed, we need to be honest to ourselves and be aware of what our bodies are telling us. Honestly, we can feel some problems and pains that comes after being over weight. The question is: “How can we address that?”

Weight Management, New Year, 2021, Renew your Body!

First of all, when we like choosing a weight management program, we need to discover what problems and pains we have. According to our health problems, what kind of health expert to choose in order to address those health problems and pain? Who can guide us down the road to achieve our physical and emotional health goals? Obviously, we do not want to suppress the symptoms with pain killers because we know there are other problems that we need to endure later if we do not address them today!

Choosing an expert who can address physical and emotional health is important. When we practice whole health awareness, we can notice that problems with being over weight are not only physical but also they are emotional, too. We can feel how we have knee pain while we feel depressed, too.

Practically, those who practice meditation, they can feel how the body sends signals with warning pain. A sensation of those pain signals in has a lot to tell us about that organ.When an organ is imbalanced, it will send us pain signals to pay attention to it. Unfortunately, we either ignore those pain or suppress it with pain killer. To illustrate, when we feel knee joint pain, that pain is a signal that our physical organ( bones and joints) needs attention. Unfortunately, we ignore, postpone or suppress that pain over time. Simmiliarly, some of the basic physical problems of being Over weight include chronic constipation and Cramping pain.

When there is chronic constipation going on, it’s better to pay attention to it. Instead of ignoring, postponing or suppressing the symptoms that body sends to us, we need to address it correctly. Why? Chronic constpation can lead to lots of other health issues in future. Question is “What is the best solution? ” What health expert can I see to resolve my constipation without suppressing it?” These are great questions to ask!

Certainly, you have options when you like choosing an expert in weight management. Who can help you the most? what kind of expert can consider your physical health along with emotional and mental health? The answer is a Doctor of Naturopathy. Why? For this purpose, a naturopathic doctor( ND) is one of the best health experts who has been trained to consider not only your phyiscal health but also emotional and mental health. When you choose a naturopathic doctor, you will transform your whole health. Your physical health improves and you will be stronger and more flexible. Equally important, a nturopathic doctor guides you how to improve your emotional health to feel happier and enjoy a long quality life with your family and friends.

Finally, consider an Naturoapthic doctor for your weight managment choice in NEW YEAR, 2021. Transfrom you whole health and become healthier not only phyisically but also emotionaly and mentaly. Certainly, holistic health considers the whole health and does not separate phyiscal body from emotional body. To this end, let’s Find a naturopath for our weight managment and whole health transformation in NEW YEAR. Dr. Shari is a Naturoapthic Doctor who can be one of your best choices to trnasfrom your whole health. Schedule a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION and plan to achive your ultimate goal of health and happiness in 2021. For more info, Click:

Dr. shari, Doctor of Naturopathy.


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