Are you interested in A SAFE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM ?

Are you suffering inflmmation and pain?

Do you want to get rid of sugar craving? 

Do you like managing your weight to get rid of pain?

 Have you tired different weight loss programs and most of them have been unsuccessful? 

Are you looking for a weight management program that heals your body along with your emotional and mental health? Dr. Shari wants to share some tips and secrets with you!

Honestly, there are two things to avoid if you want to have a safe weight loss. Everybody thinks that a weight loss program will lead to a healthier and happier condition. Be careful, It is not always like that!  When you choose your path to weight loss, choose the right one that is SAFE.  You don’t want to harm your body. Some of weight loss programs can harm your body instead of healing. 

Do you know that a wrong weight loss program can harm you?  Fighting with your body and hurting it with the wrong weight loss program has been common these days, unfortunately. Despite you try a weight loss program to improve your health, you are hurting it with the wrong choice. Actually, if you do start weight loss without counseling a knowledgable and experienced expert, that weight loss can harm your body. For example, some people take synthetic drugs that are labeled for weight loss and has been advertised on the market regularly. Unfortunately, some of these synthetic drugs can have side effects.  Some of the side effects are on brain cells that changes its normal function and finally causes brain cell malignancy or tumor. For this reason, avoiding synthetic drugs for safe weight loss is one of the things to consider for a safe weight loss.

Holistic health For whole health transformation
Holistic health For whole health transformation. we help you to create a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise and stress management.

On the other side, there is one more thing to avoid when you want to have a safe weight loss. In fact, following the incorrect weight loss program and staying hungry for several hours a day can lead to deficiency diseases. The reason is that your body needs enough nutrient foods, appropriate vitamins, and minerals to function normally.  Especially, each cell of the body needs biological ingredients to continue its function in a normal condition. In the meantime, your body tries to compensate for its deficiency from its natural storage. After a while, when vitamin deficiency becomes chronic, the body will not be able to compensate anymore. For this reason, the body generates some of the symptoms.  Symptoms are an expression of your body attempting to heal itself.   Consequently, if we do not pay attention to your body’s symptoms, you actually hurt your own bodies. That being the case, vitamin deficiency and its harming effects can lead to several other health issues such as regular muscle cramps, cataracts, etc. That being the case, avoid long-lasting hunger for a safe weight loss.

Finally,  avoid synthetic weight-loss drugs to prevent brain cell malignancy and vitamin deficiency diseases.  The weight loss program is better to be supervised with a knowledgable expert in a natural holistic way. Certainly, a natural way of weight loss does not harm your body and yet helps you to detox. A naturopathic doctor who is an expert to see your whole health can guide you through a correct and healthy weight loss program. At last, when it’s about your choice, choose the natural one!

Dr. shari offers a weight management program that heals your body. Healing your body is not only physically but also you will feel you are more in balance with your emotion and your memory improves over time. Emotional balance leads you feel happier and get rid of feeling of guilt and sad emotions. Especially, you can feel how your memory will improve and it leads you to be more productive at work and make more money over time.  Are you ready to Try Dr. shari’s Holistic health program?

In fact,  Dr. shari helps you prevent chronic diseases while managing your weight. You can reduce inflammation in your body and get rid of pain with Dr. shari’s holistic health program. Do you like starting it now? Call 949-500-2984.

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