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Have you ever wondered how wight lose and Iridology are related? What is iridology? This is the first question that some people ask.

Actually, Iridology or iris eyes reading is a German-based science that was practiced more than 60 years ago in Germany. Iridology or IRIS Eye Reading is knowledge of reading sign son your eyes. In particular,  Iridologist of a professional Iris eye reading can analyze the iris eyes signs and discover what is going on inside your body with your internal organs such as liver, Thyroid, Heart, lungs, kidneys,…

In addition, weight loss is a common topic these days and everybody needs to watch her/his weight to stay healthy and happy. Certainly, correct weight loss helps to feel better and reduce pain otherwise it can lead to more health issues. If we follow a weight loss program under the supervision of a professional, we can expect to feel healthy results. Otherwise, lots of other health issues will come after weight loss.

iridology for weight loss

In my opinion, we can create a relationship between iridology and weight loss. How? As a Naturopath and who has experience in the health care field, my suggestion is applying iridology before we plan a weight loss program. At this point, the reason behind my suggestion is that iridology demonstrates what is going on inside the person’s body. Indeed, according to personal health issues, we will plan a weight loss program. For example, if the person has liver issues we can discover it through iridology analysis. According to his iridology results, I, as professionals can plan a weight loss program that helps to detox the person’s liver while helping him to manage his weight.

Finally, we can create a relationship between iridology and weightloss. When we consider iridology and weightloss together, we create an excellent program to help the person become healthier, resolve some health issues and become happier over time.  What’s your idea? Please comment.

Would you like to try iridology?

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