Weight loss with Hormonal Balance

Hormonal balance matters!

Tips for Weight loss and Hormonal Balance: Have you been struggling with weight loss recently? Does food craving and an increased appetite bother you ? Is fat accumulation around the belly and hips area something you need a real solution?  Have you experienced SYMPTOMS OF LOW ESTROGEN such as dry skin, weak bones, trouble concentrating, moodiness, and hot flashes? Hormonal imbalance is an important aspect of weight loss. If we do not pay attention to it can create bigger health problems. Scientific reserach shows that hormonal imbalance can affect on level of your energy, your digestion health and metabolism, weight gain. In addition, high blood pressure, Cholesterol, slow or rapid heart beat, feeling fatigued are linked to hormonal imbalance. Have you ever thought of real natural solutions for loosing weight? You might have tried various programs to manage your weight. At this point, my solutions are about hormonal balance. Especially, hormonal balance with all inclusive natural health solutions has a rewarding outcome and positive transformation. Consequently, holistic health solutions transform most of your glands to function more normal than before. In particular, my unique natural health solutions improve all of the organ’s function. In fact,  that is why practicing my holistic health program is a one stop solution to resolve most of the health problems.

Hormonal Balance and weight

You might ask WHY your solutions are unique for hormonal balance and weight loss! Honestly, I believe my solutions are unique because I identify and resolve the root causes of weight gain. As an example,  one of the neglected root causes of weight gain is hormonal imbalance. According to my experience, I have seen my clients have been suffering various symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately, those warning signs were suppressed by painkillers and medications. Therefore, the hormonal imbalance has been going on chronically and it’s neglection can lead to other problems such as diabetes. In order to help my Client’s weight loss, I first discover the root causes of gaining weight. Especially, for those of whom have tried different weight loss diets and exercise unsuccessfully while still struggling with weight gain, my solutions will be the best choice. Honestly, some of my clients tell me “ even if I drink water, I gain weight. why!”  My answer is “this is a sign that we have to discover why ! According to my experience, one of the main causes of weight gain is linked to hormonal imbalance. Certainly causes may occur on many levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Though, it depends on what age you are and what hormones we have to bring in balance. Fo this reason, hormonal change can influence your appetite, including how much you eat and what you are craving. Hormonal change can CAUSE YOU TO STORE MORE OR LESS FAT IN YOUR BODY. In this case, exercise and eating right is not always enough to create a real difference because hormones are involved. As an illustration, a large number of hormones can significantly affect your weight. Your hormone levels may be imbalanced enough to lead to weight gain problems. Below are some of the most common hormones that can cause weight fluctuations. Insulin:Tells your body to store FAT.

  • Leptin: it is PRODUCED BY FAT CELLS. It is secreted in blood stream as a hormone that makes you FEEL FULL and lowers urge to eat . Leptin helps to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Cortisol: stress hormone, if chronically high, leads to overeating habits. One of the solutions to lower stress level and cortisol is practicing mindfulness.
  • Estrogen: High or extreme LOW Estrogen can cause weight gain.
  • Thyroid function and low metabolism in long term leads to high Cholesterol, weight gain, and fat accumulation the body.

When it comes to weight loss, I first discover the root causes of weight gain beside identifying what glands need the most attention. Then, I try to bring balance to most of these glands to restore your whole health. As an example, engaging glands such as thyroid, pancreas, adrenal, and reproductive glands are some of the most important glands that are linked to hormonal imbalance. It can interfer with weight management.  On the whole, my all inclusive holistic health solutions address most of the above glands. Therefore, your body will be able to recover and restore a healthy internal environment and lose weight over time.

  • For those who don’t know me; I am Dr. Shari, board certified holistic health and yoga therapist. I am the founder of natural health and yoga based in orange county ca.

I  help busy ladies who are struggling with weight gain to achieve their ultimate goal of weigh management and happiness. I am here to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and entertain You. My goal is to help you live a high quality life, feel secure, gain vitality, improve your energy level. You will become more confident, respect your body, and be able to help yourself first, then help others. Finally,you can Let go of all sufferings and become FREE of pain. You will be able to set your health goals and follow your dream to achieve it.

One of your New Year health goals might be weight management. I help you to manage your weight without wasting time, energy and resources, without quitting your favorite habits. I guide you how to manage weight without giving up your food, OR without being over stressed what to eat, what to avoid. My holistic health solutions include; Food as medicine, vitamins, plant medicine, individualized designed exercise and yoga routines, meditation and relaxation programs along with unique follow-up support. Some of my recent clients could achieve positive change in their weight management. They feel the better health and transformation in 90 days. *In case, you are a busy lady who has tried mainstream weight loss programs unsuccessfully,

  • Tired of symptom suppression, and you are committed to long term outcomes
  • Want to improve your life quality and believe in investing in yourself
  • Ready for a natural health journey!

I can offer you my holistic health packages that are genuine, market tested, and exceed your expectations. I will guide and support you how to increase your level of your energy, improve your digestion health and metabolism. You will Experience weight lose while becoming healthier and younger. You will learn how to balance your high blood pressure and Cholesterol, keep your heart healthy. Learning how to getting rid of fatigue and lots of other health transforming benefits will be your reward.

Don’t postpone because the cost of inaction will be more expensive! Save your time and money now! Don’t postpone becuase when illness becomes chronic its harder to cure. Also, it will cost more along with lots of pain and sufferings! Paying for holistic health to balance your whole health is your best investment. Invest in your health now before it’s late. Prices are going up. Contact me for a best offer now.

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Kind Regards,  Dr. Shari  Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND) Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)


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