Vitamins and minerals are part of our modern diet plan. Everybody needs some supplemental vitamin and mineral because of body’ deficiencies. Actually, some health issues are related to various vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Dr. shari can help you to evaluate your vitmains and mineral needs. After evaluation is done, she will suggest you what kind of vitamins you need. In addition, she guides you in what brand of vitamin has the high potency and your body will be able to absorb.

Do you know that sometime we take the different vitamins but the body is not able to absorb them? What is the solution?

Do you know some of the vitamins that you take from some brand names could be toxic to your body?

Let Doctor shari who is a doctor of naturopathy help you with your vitamin choice and minerals that your body realy needs and will be able to absorb them.

Everybody needs vitamins. In fact, we think we eat very well so we don’t need vitamins anymore. Often, the problem is that we eat good foods but our bodies are not able to absorb that necessary vitamin and nutrients from the food that we ate. Here is that we have to support our bodies with some required vitamins or minerals.

Certainly, getting good vitamins to nourish your body and mind is important. Do you need to know what vitamin you need? Here is that you need to see your doctor find out what kind of deficiency you may have.

Dr. Shari discovers your vitamin deficiency in non-invasive ways. Then, she recommends an appropriate vitamin or mineral according to your whole health evaluation. Finally, you have the option to choose whether to take it or switch with something else.


After your whole health condition is evaluated, Dr. Shari recommends some high potency vitamins and minerals along with your diet change. Certainly, diet and nutrition together are important to maintain an improve your well-being. Sometimes, we think that we eat good foods but the minerals and vitamins in those foods are depleted. We do not receive enough vitamins and minerals.

In fact, depletion of soil and water in modern life has led to a deficient food chain. Therefore, we need some extra supplements to meet the needs of each organ of the body. Each organ will function correctly when its vitamin needs are met.

In addition, choosing the correct vitamin and mineral supplement is important to reduce chemical toxins from your body. Dr. Shari guides you through the vitamin journey and teaches you how to choose and meet the needs of your body. Instead of increasing toxic chemicals, reduce them with a correct supplemental choice. Doctor Shari’s consultation helps you to find the best vitamin supplement according to your health condition.

our selected vitamins are superior products.  Effective formulas that can produce maximum results.
One of the exceptional qualities of our herbal and vitamin products formulas is that they are blended with uniquely distinctive ingredients measured for strong potency in order to provide targeted health benefits.

We sincerely believe that the potential benefits of these products are more completely achieved when they are taken under the supervision of a qualified Natural Wellness Practitioner. Natural health practitioner works hard to discover illness causes and devise client’s healing programs so that they can experience the kind of successful health we have guided.

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