Thyroid and Holistic Health

What is thyroid? How thyroid and holistic health are related ?What is the thyroid role? These are the question that we usually ask! As we know, thyroid is the largest endocrine gland of the body. According to the fact, it secretes a hormone called Thyroxin that regulates metabolism in the cells of the body. Another question is how come the thyroid becomes enlarged! The answer is that if thyroid does not absorb enough Iodine from the bloodstream, the enlargement is its effort to entrap more iodine from the blood. We call this condition “Goiter”.

Healthy Food Choice and Thyroid

In any event, if the thyroid function is not in balance, we can feel some signs and symptoms that we consider them as our health problems and pains. Here is the real story of one of my clients that i like sharing it;

  • One of my clients came to me 6 months ago and she had complain about her chronic constipation. She felt fatigue even in the morning that she has not done so much work. She explained that she has been trying to lose weight but she has not been able to manage her weight. She was wondering that even though she was not eating that much calories, she had been gaining weight. She was not happy with her learning capacity and sluggish mind and weak memory were her concern. By the way, she was wondering why she has experienced excessive hair loss recently. sufferring morning headaches, seasonal sadness were parts of her health concerns.
  • I told her no worry! you are in right hands and I will do my best to help you the most. Even though she met several docotors and did several urine and blood work and she was on antibiotics for more than four monhts, she was not still feeling well! In the mean time, One of her friends suggested to go natural and find a holistic health doctor. She searched google and found me, Dr. Shari, to help her out.
  • Once she came to me, I got her whole health history and I did whole health evaluation to discover the root causes of her health issues. For this purpose, I spent more than 8 hours of analyzing her whole health assessment, I discovered that she has been dealing with hypo-thyroid function while no doctor could address it till today.
  • Once I found out the root causes her signs and symptoms, I guided her to the solutions. I taught her how to try health transformation, how to change her diet to heal her thyroid, what herb or plant medicine would work the best to detox and help her thyroid, what vitamins her body needs the most to assimilate, what exercise she need to practice and improve circulation to thyroid, what kind of relaxation, meditation and mind set works the best for her whole health condition.
  • In fact, I guided her with diet change, Food as medicine; best dietary source to help thyroid. As an example, some of healing foods that i suggested were avocados and seafood to put in her weekly diet.
  • In addition some of herbal remedies for thyroid such as Kale and Turnip Greens were suggested. Especially, thyroid therapeutic exercise to heal her thyroid was important. As an example, I taught her how to do Neck Exercise to improve circulation to thyroid.
  • Finally, I suggested to practice Mind set, Relaxation and visualization of that are specific for thyroid and throat chakra healing.

In particular, she mentioned that my hoistic health program is different than everything else she has tried ! She mentioned that some advantages of my program is that includes a wholistic health approach. she said:” your program includes the custom made whole package.”  it is not only consider my physical body but also, energicall,  emotional, and mental health. It helped me imrpove my memory and be able to learn and be successful in my academic standing. “

*Question is here How does holistic health work? The answer is that Whole health evaluation is an all inclusive health package. It considers not only the Body evaluation such as Iridiology, vitamin and toxins, nutrition, but also it considers emotional and mental health assessment.

In deed, I have parameters in place to help you transform your whole health. In fact, I am committed to help you go above or beyond your exepected health results. You can prevent future chronic diseases without being worries about side effect of medications that you have been taking till today.

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