I feel Lucky to find Dr. Shari

“I feel lucky to find Dr. shari since has helped me a lot to overcome my health issues. I have been sick over years and have had allergies that get worst in summer. I tried lots over the counter allergy medicines that suppressed my allergy symptoms.  Since none of them were effective, finally, I decided to switch to alternative medicine. I googled locally and found Dr. shari.   I called and got my first appointment with Doctor Shari. After visiting her at the office, I found out that she is a vey caring and knowledgeable naturopathic doctor. She spent the time to find the root causes of my illness. She is an amazing doctor and I will recommend her to everybody who believes in alternative medicine. Dr. Shari is one of the best. I feel blessed to find her.” Monica From Gardena

”  I was looking for an alternative doctor for my son’s chronic cough, After googling in found Dr. shari in orange county, I called her up and discussed my son’s health and his chronic cough. Although I took my son to other doctors and they prescribed three antibiotics, Non of them worked on my son. I took her to Dr. shari for a natural remedy. I could not believe how the natural remedy that doctor shari advised worked very well. It was amazing My son’s cough disappeared in aa week after taking the natural remedy. I suggest Dr. shari to my frinds and family, she is the best naturopathic doctor. ”   Ben from Tustin