Constipation and Natural Health

Constipation is a common health problem in modern countries. What is the relationship between constipation and Natural health? Unfortunately, we don't pay attention to constipation and think one bowel elimination a day is normal.

Constipation and health are closely related together. If bowel elimination frequency is less than one a day and it continues for several months, constipation becomes chronic.  Every day, 200000 Americans stay home from work because of a digestive tract illness. In fact, scientific researches show that most of the health issues come after chronic constipation. Unfortunately, the modern solution to constipation is Laxatives. The statistics show that laxatives are second in over the counter drug-sales, trailing only pain relievers such as aspirin and acetaminophens. Certainly, Laxatives and hemorrhoid cremes are temporary solutions and do not solve the roots of bowel elimination issues. For example,  Hemorrhoid creme is a temporary relief to reduce constipation pain but it does not reduce the main causes of constipation.

Constipation and Natural Health
Constipation and Natural Health

The solution to address the root causes of constipation is Natural health consultation. Natural health Consultant guides you through long-term solutions to stop constipation from its source. Especially, you are not only helping your digestive system but also preventing other chronic diseases such as heart disease. All-natural solution to constipation has no side effects. In addition, it improves your whole health and well-being.  On the whole, natural health consultation emphasis on constipation prevention. Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, who is a natural health consultant helps you to resolve constipation and related health issues from the roots of the ground to the top.  Dr. Shari helps you to discover the root causes of your elimination problem and constipation. As a result, you can resolve other health issues related to constipation too.  Dr. Shari's protocol does not suppress the constipation symptoms.  However, she guides you on how to cleanse your body, how to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, and cancer.

In brief, first constipation solution is better to be with a natural health consultation. A natural health doctor will guide you through constipation prevention. As you know, every natural health doctor's knowledge and expertise is different. Choose the one that will guide you through the prevention. It is about your choice! Remember, constipation prevention has less cost than colon surgery and high-cost treatments. When diseases become chronic, it will be too late to fix them from the roots. Finally, pay attention to constipation as soon as you can. The sooner to find a natural health solution to help toxic elimination, the more health issues you can resolve. Lastly, ask any question about constipation and colon cleanse from Doctor of Naturopathy, Shari, now.

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Avoid Constipation with a Holistic Healing

How can we avoid Constipation with holistic healing?

Lets learn how to avoid constipation with holistic healing. As you know Constipation is infrequent elimination when waste material moves too slowly through large bowel resulting in painful elimination. Constipation is an important health issue that most people, unfortunately, do not care about it. Statistics show that nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population suffering from chronic constipation. This means 63 million people have difficulty passing hard, dry, lumpy stool, suffer from feeling bloated, have abdominal pain or feel as if there is something stuck in their rectum or intestines. Although constipation sounds a common problem, it is the start point of many degenerative diseases.

In fact, constipation can give rise to many different ailments, including bad breath, body odor, coated tongue, diverticulitis, gas, malabsorption syndromes, hemorrhoids,( piles), appendicitis, hernia, Fatigue, varicose vein, Headache, depression, and obesity. Actually,  the bowel movement has to be on a daily basis within eighteen to twenty-four hours. When the colon is a holding tank to waste matter, harmful toxins can form after this period. Those harmful toxins will play a role in the development of chronic diseases such as chronic gas and bloating, candidiasis, thyroid disease, Migraine, fatigue, ulcerative colitis.

Constipation and holistic health
Constipation and holistic healing

In most cases, constipation arises from bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Habits such as inadequate exercise, poor diet, and heavy consumption of junk foods. Often, constipation may be a side effect of some drugs, such as painkillers and antidepressants.  Also, low levels of thyroid hormone and high levels of calcium are two metabolic disturbances that can lead to constipation. people. Moreover, people with kidney failure or diabetes also tend to have a problem with constipation. In older individuals, constipation is often caused by dehydration, in people of any age, depression can be a factor.

In order to find solutions and avoid constipation, we have several options. We can choose a holistic healing option or others. Actually,  some people use a few types of laxatives to promote bowel movement but each has side defects, unfortunately. For example, stool softener contains mineral oil and docusate sodium and they should not be used on a regular basis, because they can have other side effects on your body. Another example is Osmotic agents that contain salt and carbohydrates but can lead to dependency. We have options to choose what healing path to go. At last, it could be natural or other ways.

However, the natural option is the holistic healing one that a doctor of naturopathy guides you through its journey to avoid constipation. Indeed, a doctor of naturopathy considers the root causes of constipation and resolves it in a natural non-invasive way. Certainly, the good thing about natural option is that there are no side effects when we choose it. Especially, Dr. of naturopathy is concerned to avoid further degenerative diseases because an ND considers constipation as the start point of other degenerative diseases. Finally, a Naturopathic doctor helps you to prevent future chronic diseases while resolving constipation. Isn't it better to see a doctor of naturopathy to resolve constipation in a natural holistic way?

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