Suffering eating disorder

Are you Suffering eating disorder and indigestion? Have you tried various solutions with no results? Are you interested in holistic health solutions that are effective and non harming? Why don’t you try Dr. Shari’s Holistic health solutions?

Let’s read the story of Dr. Shari’s clinet who was suffering eating disorder and found solutions to help herself;

” She is a 36 years old single woman with an eating disorder. She is very fit and tall. She tells us about her past experience with eating disorder;

She started dancing when she was 5 years old. She was one of the best ballerina dancers when she became 15 years old . Her dance teacher forced her and her friends to avoid gaining weight. Actually, gaining weight could lead to losing their careers . They must be the most beautiful dancers!

As a reulst, She started starving and avoiding foods even though she was a teenager and loved eating. She avoided eating and got to a point that she would vomit when she saw the food. Gradually,  she got into surfing and had lots of friends to go surfing for fun.

Recently she got into yoga. She metioned that meditation is hard for her. She is dealing with lots of thoughts and emotions that bother her. Even though her mother is a nutritionist, she has problems with food and she is lloking for non-harmin holistic health solutions.

Recently, she got kidney stones and she thinks she does drink enough water .Her special daily routine is having whey protein and drinking coffee !

A psychological doctor put her on Prozac( depression) ADHD medication and sleeping pills at night . Also, she is on both control pills too.

Certainly, she wants some solutions to get rid of those psychological medications ! she is worried about the side effects of those prescribed medications. She wants to try Dr. Shari’s holstic heath solutuons that are non-harming.

Her ultimate goal is having more energy and less pain. In fact, that is why she prefres holistic health solutions. Are you interested in Dr. Shari’s Holstic health solutions to help your digestive system and improve your energy level, have abtter memory, and hope for longevity?

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Try Dr. Shari’s Holistic health For whole health transformation

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Dr. Shari 

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy(ND)

Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor 

Certified Yoga Therapist ( 1000HR)


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