Story of my Client with Eating Disorder :

Is any of your family member suffering eating disorder? Recently, I had a client that I prefer to share her story so it might be a good lesson to most of us. If you are a mom or a teacher, this story is a life lesson to learn about;

she is a 36 years old single woman with an eating disorder. She is very fit, tall and beautiful for her age. Her story starts with when she started dancing and her mom took her to dance classes when she was 5 years old. Over the years of practicing, She became one of the best ballerina dancers when she was 15 years old .

Actually, the problem’s started when her dance teacher forced her and her friends to avoid gaining weight. The teacher blamed students for eating too much, alway reminded them that gaining weight could lead to losing their careers and they would not be famous as the most beautiful dancers.

Since then, she started starving and avoiding foods even though she was a teenager and loved eating different kind of foods. Eventually, she avoided eating and got to a point that she would vomit when she saw the food. By the way,  she got into surfing and had lots of friends to go surfing for fun. Although her eating disorder was goin on, shush felt she needs some mental health help. Her friends suggested to see psychologist, and Psychologist put her on some medications for ADHD. The psychology doctor put her on Prozac( depression) and ADHD medication and sleeping pills at night as she was offering Anexiety.

Certainly, she was not happy with mainstream drugs treatment and its side effects that she could feel its deteriorating her memory and her energy level. In the meanwhile, she got introduced to yoga as healing remedy for body and mind. Recently, she has been practicing yoga but meditation is so hard for her. Actually, better concentration is what she needs to work on it! She is dealing with lots of thoughts and emotions on the surface. She feels sorry for herself because of that dance teacher! Unfortunately, the dance teacher was one of the main reasons to lead her into eating disorder and all the physical and psychological problems that came after falling into eating disorder!

As result, she came to visit me for holistic health solutions and learning some yoga and mediation for her body-mind healing. I suggested her changing her diet and she mentioned even though her mother is a nutritionist, she does not listen to her and still she has problems with food and dealing with eating disorder. By the way, she got kidney stones and she believes that she does drink enough water. Her special daily routine is having whey protein and drinking coffee !

Eating disorder and holistic health solutions

I suggested her to choose the natural and holistic health solutions because it is all Inclusive that means it considers physical, emotional and mental health, all together in one place. This integrative health approach understand the whole person and educate you how to take back control of your own health. In fact, it includes all non Harming solutions ( no side effects of chemicals). As a holistic health counselor I avoid suppression of symptoms ( anxiety, lack of sleep), I help your body to remove root causes of health problems. Once she continues with holistic health solutions, she can get rid of those psychological symptoms.

She can reach her ultimate health goals, having more energy and less pain, overcome chronic physical and emotional eating disorder with holistic health care that I offer.

If you are the one  who have had;

  • pain longer than two years and it has been severe
  • Have tried unsuccessfully with mainstream treatment
  • Committed to long term outcomes not symptom relief,
  • Friendly and coachable to create healthy habits and keep secrets

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