Story of My Client With Allergy

Today, May 3,2023 Miss A who is a middle age young lady visited me with hives and eczema. She is one of the most famous persian women in Newport beach, CA. Honestly, She is very open hearted person who loves people more than herself. She cares about her customers more than her health.Above that, She just migrated from her country to the USA eight years ago and she is very talented and hardworking. She has made great progress in the career of hair industry while she never cancels any of her clients appointments.

Recently, she has been suffering eczema for the first time. Her eczema started after a urine infection after her 3 day trip and taking antibiotics. Her problem is having itchy rashes on her skin( hands and face).

After meet up, I did a whole health evaluation and found out she is under too much stress that weakened her immune system. Especially, she does not eat a variety of foods every day ( she works a lot from 7am till 12pm). As an example, her breakfast is some biscuits, her lunch is nothing until evening she goes home and eats some chicken soup. Her snack is a piece of cake.

In her past health history, She mentioned that she had a spine tumor on her upper back that was removed in her country when she was 19 years old. Recently, it engaged her breast ( Iridilogy showed it too). She has lots of pain when I ask for leg lifts , she has a stiff upper back. However, She does a little exercise and runs in the morning, her problem is lack of self care and health maintenance. In particular, she cares about her job and customer service ( does not cancel any appointments ) while she forgets about herself and health maintenance. Certainly She has lots of stress from her current customers ( brides with negative drama stories) and future job promotion.

After testing quantum and iridology ; theses were what I discovered about her health :
Quantum Test shows that I have to focus on her digestive health and fat metabolism , liver fat content is high, triglyceride content is abnormal and tendency to obesity though she is thin. Cardiovascular is a concern . When I asked to lay on belly and lift her arms to do arms and legs up, it was almost impossible for her. PH Balance is red and too acidic, suffers from Bone mineral deficiency, heavy metal lead toxicity is going on, and lack of vitamin B1 and B3 was obvious .

Iridology shows :
Self stress, autonomic nervous system, sensory motor ( illness starting From Hand muscles) acquired intellectual Language ( difficult concentrating, nerve deterioration), pituitary gland, brain capacity ( neurological degeneration), medulla ( feeling nerve disorder), spleen and lymph( nodes are swollen) , vertebra issues, small intestine malabsorption.

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