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Sharing health stories can help others to choose directions. Do you beilieve in holistic health ? Some of you might not believe in natural remedies and holistic health positive effects. Some of us are on denial and are not flexible enoght to try even an alternative health product. Do you like hearning my story as one of Dr. Shari’s clients who has tried holistic health care for his chronic health condition?

My name is Rudy and like to talk about my own health:” I am a 72 years old man and I have been on blood pressure medications for more than three years. Actaully, It has been a year that my kidneys have been in trouble and my doctor prescribed me kidney dialysis. It ‘s been a year that I have been going for dialysis once a week. Honestly, it is hard to go through dialysis every week and that is why I have always been looking for another solution to resolve my own health problems.

One day, my wife was seraching over the internet and found “iridiology”. She asked me whether to call for an inquiry. After my wife’call inquiry about iridiology and talking with Doctor Shari, it was like a new stream light in our dark sky.

Here is my story. We got our first appointent with Dr. shari ,so she could take a look at our eyes and found out the cause of my kidney issues. After visiting her office, I norticed her honest care. I trusted her words and how she described that she can help my kidneys to restore it’s health. Dr. shari inspired me that I will be able to heal myself even though my kidneys are not in good health. In fact, it was a bright hope with holistic health approach. Finally, I decised to continue and got my next appointment for my whole health consultation in next session.

Dr. shari was so dedicated and concerned to help me improve not only my kidney’s health but also my overall whole health. Accordingly, she did several tests at her own office and it was so conveninet that I did not have to go to different labs at other places. After all tests were done in one session, Dr. shari gave me another appointmnet as early as next two weeks to come back for the results. She said that she will analyse all of those tests and its is like a custome made specialized discovery. she said the whole health analysis takes about eight to sixteen hours to finish and determine the cause of my kidney disease.

When my wife and I visited doctor shari after two weeks to get the results, it was amazing to me that how come she summerized so much information in siz pages of report. Dr. shari explained each organs’s health condition such as digestive system, intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys,… she mentioned my kidney issue is not only the kidneys but also it is related to other oragns of my body. Once we help all organs to heal themselves, kidney will get back in balance. Dr. shari guided me through whole health journey ith lifesyle and habit change. sh taught me a lot how to help my body heal the kidneys. By the way, my wife become intereted in and she got her next appointment with Dr. shari.

Dr. shari emphasis was on my commitment to practice what she teaches me. Her emphasis was on 3 Ps that are patience, practice and persistence. I promissed to practice what she teaches.

I followed all of what Dr. shari taught me to practice. I took all of supplemnts that she suggested according to my whole health results, I did all the exercise she taught me, I followed her specific diet. As a result, after four weeks of my pracitce I noticed a big change in my blood pressure. When i visited my blood pressure doctor, he asked me what I did that I got so much better! I made a joke and said it is a secret doctor ! I could not even beleive that i got results from my holistic health practice in three weeks. My blood pressure doctor suggesed that I do not need to take three of my blood pressure medications. It is amazing ! Isn’t it?

Finally, it was a pleasant surprise that I could see the results after three weeks of visitng Dr. shari. She is an amazing holistic health doctor. Her specific skill in discovering the root causes of health isuses is amazing. Specificly, Dr. shari teaches you how to resolve your health issues without harming your body. She beleives that the less chemicals you take, the healthier you become. Dr. shari’s approach is unique and I feel blessed to find her as my doctor. At last, since I have visited Dr. shari, I don’t have to go to so many other doctors. I recommend Dr. shari to all of my friends and family. Dr. Shri is the best who can change your life!

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