Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy is a natural way of pain relief. Magnet application can reduce pain and inflammation. Actually, magnet therapy is a natural way to reduce pain, reenergize your body in a natural way.

The magnet is going to establish itself in the world of modern therapy as a major healing agent. The use of the magnet for healing gets back in the very ancient records of human knowledge. In fact, magnet and its properties were known to the very ancient Aryans. The magnet has proved its indispensability in modern man’s technological and industrial ventures. Especially, they believed that the magnet, besides having the power of attracting iron, was also endowed with many mystical and curative powers.

Actually, Dr. Maclean has successfully cured advanced cancer cases and has made this startling observation: ” cancer cannot exist in a strong magnetic field. We can utilize magnets for healing pains and swelling and even suffering caused by kidney stones.

In particular, magnet therapy can reduce knee pain. When there is Arthritis, knee inflammation, one of the best natural tools to reduce pain and inflammation, is magnetic knee braces. Book your magnet therapy session today. If you have any questions, contact 949-500-2984 for the first 20 minutes trial session.

Biological cells are batteries charged by a voltage across their cell membrane

Even magnets were used for removing toothache immediately. Magnet therapy also balances blood pressure. In addition, Magnet therapy provides immunity to certain diseases. Magnets can increase the vitalizing energy and improve gland secretion that leads to hormonal balance. Especially, we can apply magnets to help hypothyroidism.

Magnet therapy is both a science and an art. Applying magnets to heal different parts of the human body is a science. we know that magnetism is similar to, and works on the lines of electricity ( bioenergy in human physiology); Magnet application is an art since it involves the selection of magnets of different strength, to different parts, to relieve different ailments of the body. If you like to buy a magnetic necklace, click 

A naturopathic practice who has been applying magnet therapy to heal and improve circulation to each part of your body. Actually, magnet therapy is based on natural laws and principles and is not a magic or miracle. It means carrying out treatment of sick with the application of magnet over the suffering parts of the body to remove stagnation and altered the diseased condition into a state of recovery and complete health.

We know that knowledge and experience are ever-growing and there is always scope for further research and development on magnet therapy. In fact, magnet therapy has already healed a number of cases of human illness which are considered and declared incurable in the past. For example, a Magnetic necklace is one of the best natural pain relief for a headache.

By the way, there appears to be a close affinity between the principals of magnets to the practice of acupressure. Especially, acupressure points could also be considered as ” magnetic points” for the application of magnets on the human body.

Earth as a Huge Natural Magnet

Magnetism is the basic principle that dominates and governs the infinite universe. the earth, the sun, the moon, and all the other planets in our own galaxy transmit their own magnetic emanations which greatly influence our lives. The earth is a huge natural magnet and the magnetism of the earth is a very interesting subject. The earth is transmitting magnetic energy to all living organisms -humans, animals, and planets. The earth as a natural gigantic magnet has two poles, North and South. The north pole of the earth is located somewhere at the extreme north of North America and the South pole at the extreme south of south Victoria.

The human body is a source of a magnetic field. Attempts have been made to measure the magnetic fields produced by different organs of the human body, namely, heart, brain, nerves, muscles, and other tissues as well as the frequency of magnetic fields in some diseases. measurement of magnetic fields of brain, heart, lungs,.. may be to evaluate the condition of organs and to know any impending malfunction or defect.

Educational Products educate you how to heal yourself naturally.

Magnet therapy can heal various malfunctions and ailments such as Acne, Anaemia, Arthritis, Asthma, Backache, Blood pressure, Cataracts, colic, constipation, cough, convulsions, and cramps, diabetes, eczema, epilepsy, eye troubles, gallstones, gout, headache, hyperactivity, injuries, insomnia, intelligence to increase, lymphatic gland swelling, weak memory, migraine, sciatica, sinusitis, stomach trouble, swelling of legs and feet, tuberculosis, wounds, inflammation of womb or ovaries, bedwetting, itching,..

Magnets can heal knee pain and Arthritis pain. One of the natural healing tools to reduce knee pain is applying magnetic braces. If you like buying one of the best magnetic braces that improve circulation to the knees and reduces pain, click

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Magnet Therapy

Each organ of the body has its own rate of vibration. The first, third and fifth notes on the musical octave …vibrate in harmony. The organs of the human body each have their own rate of vibration. In the healthful body, these different rates of vibration are properly synchronized or balanced. The human body is a perfect battery, susceptible to the cosmic or magnetic currents that are everywhere present in the universe.

When cells are irradiated with a correct polarized electromagnetic field(which has a broad range of frequencies) , each cell will pick up on a frequency and assimilate the energy out of that field. This has a tremendous stimulating and harmonizing action on the cells and thus interacts with surrounding tissues and organs.

The existence of strong electric fields across cellular membranes is accepted as a basic fact of cell biology. The fact that cells have internal electric fields as well, however, is a whole new revelation. Scientists previously did not know of the existence of internal cellular energy fields, and are just in the earliest stages of understand the phenomenon. Kopelman presented his results at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology this month. “There has been no skepticism as to the measurements,” says Kopelman. “But we don’t have an interpretation.”
Daniel Chu of the University of Washington in Seattle agrees that Kopelman’s work provides proof of concept that cells have internal electric fields. “It’s bound to be important, but nobody has looked at it yet,” Chu says.

Lakhovsky believed that living cells are batteries; the nucleus holds the positive charge and the cytoplasm carries the negative. If cells were irradiated with a range of electromagnetic oscillations, they could be “recharged” and thus rejuvenated. A range of frequencies is necessary because the cell and its parts respond to different frequencies. Mainstream research supports the idea that “We are electrical creatures using a biochemical body to exist in an electro-chemical environment,” as Van Tassel wrote. 

Relaxation on UTK( Heat for pain Releif)

Utk is a FAR INFRATED HEATING PAD that has lots of benefits. Some of UTK Pad benefits include :

Utk technology is negative ION technology. Ions are air particles that can be positively or negatively charged through nature. Negative ions bring positive effects to our envirnment and ourselves. Research has shown that negative Ions promote negative moods, assist in reducing pain and stress, and enhance one’s quality of life. 

The utk heat Pad is made of natural JADE AND TOURMALINE STNE. The use of natural jade and tourmaline stone enhances the even transmission of deep penentrating heat . It also promotes the environment of therapeutic negative ions. Relxaing on this head pad has pain relef effect. Infrared heat therapy offers releif of pain from minor muscles, back, joint and other body parts.

Relxation on UTK pad reduces tension and stress . It helps to ger releif from muscle spasms, minor sprains, minor muscular back pain. Also, it enhances blood circulation to the muscles and tissues and nurishes the tissues to repair faster. Heal your body while relaxing on Utk infrared pad. 

Try Relaxation UTK pad and infrared heat therapy and let your body repair itself faster than before. BOOK YOUR MAGNET THERAPY SESSION NOW, Click Below.
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