Do you like being healthier? Are you interested in imrpoving your whole health?

Holistic health is about your whole health improvement.  Dr. Shari considers not only your physical body but also emotional, mental, and spiritual body. One of the best health care Choices is holistic health. You might ask, “Why ?” 


Do you know holistc health considers the whole person. A whole health involves the complex interaction of many factors. The naturopathic doctor must treat the whole person by these factors into account. The harmonious functioning of physical, , mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects is essential to recovery from and prevention of disease. Dr of naturopathy, Shari, has a comprehensive approach to discover the natural solutions for you. She helps you heal your whole health. Do you like discovering HOW? Ask Dr. Shari NOW!

The sooner you choose Holistic Health to resolve your health issues, the more effective it is. Experience wellness from within.

Restore and maintain your Health with holistic health care choice.

If better health, increased energy, and an enhanced sense of well-being appeal to you, know that they are all possible with Natural Health & Yoga LLC. Based in Newport Beach, California. Here is Doctor Shari’s whole health journey procedure:


Dr. Shari meets you with whole health evaluation( physical, emotional, mental health), nutritional assessment, Feet, and Ear Reflexology, Functional medicine, and Quantum science in the first session. In fact, it will be an individualized custom made session only for you. Dr. Shari spends time more than eight hours evaluating your four tests without any charge for you. After your whole health evaluation is done, she will meet you again to set initial health goals for better health and happiness.


After the Second session meets, Doctor Shari begins intervention techniques. Dr. Shari designs an especial natural health protocol that suits you the best. Your commitment matters to follow and practice what you learn!

In the meantime, assessing health goals and following up on natural health plans by Doctor Shari will lead to better health and a happier state of well-being.  Whenever there is a need, Dr. Shari refines natural intervention techniques and will be flexible to change according to your reevaluation results. Your common goal with the doctor will be the maintenance of positive change in physical and mental health. At last, the final result of all of your followup potential sessions will be rejuvenation, better health, more energy, and longevity.


Let’s start Doctor Shari’s natural health services today. You deserve to restore your health and happiness before its late.


Call 949-500-2984 for the first FREE phone consultation.

Try Wellness from within with Dr. Shari:

If you choose to enjoy better health, would you be interested?
The Good News is, these things are possible for you. Within yourself, you have the power you need to create wellness in your life. that power is the power of choice.
According to the World Health Organization, ” health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.” Optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness. Achieving wellness requires balancing the various aspects of the WHOLE person. These aspects are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This broader Wholistic approach to health involves the integration of ALL of these aspects and is an ongoing process.

Holistic Health Service

Holistic  Health service is about whole body-mind health assessment. It is more about evaluating a client’s whole health needs. Doctor Shari with holistic health evaluation guides you through natural health solutions. Actually, Chronic Disease Prevention is our ultimate health Goal. We can prevent disease in every stage it is. Certainly, lifestyle has a huge impact. Question is here; How can I change my lifestyle?

Doctor of Naturopathy guides you on how to change and improve your lifestyle. you can become your own doctor.  Doctor of  Traditional Naturopathy helps clients to become their own health problem solvers. 

Actually, you can be your own self-directed disease controller. Don’t wait too long, avoid suffering toxic chemicals as soon as you can.
The results of your holistic health consultation will be seen through your increased motivation, confidence, and improved healthy habits, longevity, and rejuvenation.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Services

Iridology or Iris reading is a science of reading eyes. we have a method of studying the actual IRIS EYE tissue change. Iris reading foretells the development of many health conditions long before they have manifesting disease symptoms.


We have the opportunity of seeing by an external sign in the eyes and the internal organs change. Iridology guides us to a better state of health. The real value of iridology is due to the fact that we have a direct Eye evaluation of the client. We can tell whether he is improving in health, or his condition is becoming worse. We can prevent diseases in every stage it is. Of course, the sooner, the better results!!!

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy analyses the iris to get details of your health history correctly. Then, she will guide you to select effective approaches to target the underlying causes of diseases. Our goal is to help your body heal itself over time and restore its healthy internal and external environment. Your body has an inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. We are here to help it.

Iris eye reading

Try Iridiology to reveal what organs are risks and prevent future health problems.

After whole health evaluation is done and root causes of underlying health issues are discovered, Dr. of naturopathy will suggest you the more effective high potency vitamin and mineral supplements. The doctor will find out what kind of deficiency you may have. According to your vitamin and mineral deficiency, she recommends natural organic supplements that are high potency and the most absorbable one for your body type. Dr. recommends specialized supplements that rapidly transport healing properties to your targeted organs and systems of your body. 


Actually, these natural supplements are ideal and will be different for the young and elderly. When taking botanical capsule is inconvenient, liquid compounds provide an excellent alternative.

These days, our bodies need supplements because of malnutrition and lack of nutrients absorption. Maybe we eat various food but the body is NOT able to absorb the required vitamin and minerals. Vitamin deficiency can be the cause of some diseases. That is why we need to support our bodies with high-quality natural supplements. Actually, Doctor of Naturopathy will evaluate your health condition and according to your specific health, she will advise appropriate supplements.

Your body might need support to function better with Natural Supplements.

A Botanical herb is what ancient people used to heal themselves.  Botanicals can heal your body and mind if you take and apply it correctly.

According to your health evaluation, Dr.  Shari will recommend what Botanical herb can heal your body while detoxing your body. There is no chemical drug involved. 

Appropriate Botanical herbs can restore your health and become your natural remedy with no side effects.

Go green! try a green prescription. You will feel your optimal health and happiness that are unimaginable. let’s Practice what our grandparents experienced over the years.

One of the holistic health remdies is botanicals that originates from the nature. Stay in harmony with nature and heal yourself.

Magnets from small to big ones can reduce pain and inflammation. Applying magnets on hand, feet, or different parts of the body is one of the effective ways of reducing pain without side effects. Each cell has an “ideal” charge when healthy when this charge is decreased it is a sign of a “sick or injured “cell. Now the cells (eg red cells) clump together and do not flow easily through the veins causing a decrease in circulation. With a magnetic charge passed through the body, it charges the membranes of the cell, red cells can repel each other. This lets the blood flow (circulation) more easily around the body. PEMFs also encourage the wall of the blood vessels to release chemicals that cause them to dilate. This causes the blood flow to increase, which delivers more oxygen to the tissues. Often, as a result of poor circulation, cells become unhealthy which increases their tendency to break down and become diseased. Improved circulation delivers nutrition and oxygen to tissues while expelling the waste they produce. This makes tissue healing and regeneration more efficient. We see this happen when swelling reduces and bruising disappears more quickly.


Some of the benefits of magnet therapy are

*Enhances muscle function

Holistic Health, Magnet Therapy by Dr. Shari

Magnet therapy is a skill. Dr. Shari applies magnet on especial marma points to improve bioenergy flow.


Magnetic fields have been found in extensive research in Europe, in humans and all kinds of animal species, to have many positive actions in the body. The medical magnetic fields work by stimulating the acupuncture system, the immune system of the body, improving circulation and oxygen levels in tissues, relaxing muscles, stimulating tissue healing, healing fractures and strengthening bones faster, decreasing nerve irritability, removing swelling, decreasing clotting and improving cell metabolism. Some very strong magnetic fields can actually stimulate muscles and nerves – used for incontinence, rebuilding muscles, nerves, and depression.


The human body is electromagnetic in nature. We all know the brain and nervous system are electrical. By adding a balancing charge to your cells, your lifestyle improves because your cells are constantly energized and calibrated. Magnetic fields affect the charge of the cell membrane, which allows membrane channels to open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house. By opening cell channels, nutrients are better able to enter the cell, and waste is more easily eliminated from the cell. This helps to rebalance and restore optimum cell function. Thus, with continued use, you will find you feel more vital because your cells are better utilizing the water, food, and air you take in. Increased elimination of waste by-products also occurs. This process could be referred to as “cell-breathing.”


Dr. Shari applies The Multipulse machine has a Variable speed from 1 pulse to 75 pulses a minute.


This machine can help stimulate the pineal gland in the brain encouraging the production of melatonin. Melatonin prevents the production of free-radicals: It has been described as ‘a central governing neuro-hormone, having anti-stress, anti-aging, anti-infectious and anti-cancerous effects.  Perhaps it should not be surprising therefore to find that magnet therapy has helped with psychoneuroimmunological problems such as ME, depression, Seasonally Adjusted Depression, lethargy, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.

Yoga heals not only the physical body but also the mental and spiritual body. Therapeutic yoga sessions cover the specialized needs of the person. 

Actually, each therapeutic yoga session not only covers the physical alignments but also the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga her/his need.

Our goal is to bring balance to the body, mind, spirit.

Pressure points of the human body can be the healing points. Once we know what point to stimulate, we will be able to heal not only external pain but also internal organs. We help the body to heal itself in a natural way.

Try Yoga as one of my Holistic Health Services. Yoga heals your body, mind and spirit. Ask me How?

Ozonated Water

Another step is drinking Ozonated water for rapid, safe, totally natural cell oxygenation without free radical damage.

Totally natural cell oxygenation without free radical damage. It has been shown in scientific experiments that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cancer to spread. In other words, the more oxygen, the less your cancer is able to spread. Ozone is a superb way to get oxygen into your body. However, the amount of ozone in ozonated water is probably not enough to seriously stop the spread of cancer. But it may slow it down and help the other protocols do their job.

Do you like Booking an OZON THERAPY session with Dr. Shari now, Click Here.

Try Dr. Shari’s Healing Yoga Session.

Healthy Diet Change

We teach you how to change your diet and lose weight. You can be your own doctor and choose the food that helps you become healthier and happier. Contact Doctor Shari for a phone or office appointment ; Call 949-500-2984

Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, teaches you how to manage your weight while protecting your muscle mass, eating REAL food. You will learn the good and bad about food to make this a lifestyle change, versus a diet that starts and stops. 


This program will allow you to address the root causes of your symptoms and key issues such as controlling blood sugar while having 15 key functional imbalances corrected.

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