Dr. Shari’s Biography

Dr. Shari or Doctor Shahrzad Nasrabadi is the founder of natural health and yoga LLc.
Shahrzad  Nasrabadi does by the name of Dr. Shari has been in the healthcare profession world since 1999.


Back in 1999, She got her bachelor’s degree in public health and worked in Healthcare Management for two years in  University. Shahrzad’s passion for following the Health care, disease prevention, and yoga took her to start a Research Study Project about “Effects of Yoga on Mental Health” at Tehran University Medical center. This study took about two years and finally, her study results were published in the NIH( National Institute of Health) Journal the United States of America.


After marriage and migrating to East Coast, She continued her study of yoga philosophy and got certified as an IYT 200 in 2004. In fact, her passion for following yoga and his husband’s support guided her to continue the yoga path in the USA and become a certified Yoga therapist in 2007.

Shari’s passion for healing people leads her to study more !!!!  She started her study of natural health and it took her seven years of great effort.  Shari’s doctoral thesis was about ”CANCER PREVENTION”, How to prevent cancer at the source?”. Her book is published in 126 pages and can be found in www.amazon.com


Then, Shari was graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy in 2015 from New Eden School of Natural Health. Shari, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy,  has enough knowledge and a healthcare background. She is qualified to guide her clients with natural health consultations and teach disease prevention. You can learn not only yoga from Shari but also learn about nutrition, lifestyle and chronic disease prevention.


 Dr. Shari is a certified holistic health consultant from the American Council of Holistic Health( ACHM). She has studied many holistic health modalities, and she loves helping her clients and students to achieve their ultimate health and happiness without suffering the side effects of prescription drugs and chemical treatments.


Dr. Shari is proud to mention that she has had a few years of work experience at NIH ( National Institute of Health) in Washington DC. Maryland. Also, She has taught yoga and pilates classes at WESTAT, FINRA, and Mental Health offices in washington and subburbon Maryland area. 


Dr. Shari has published a book about cancer prevention. The name of her published book on Amazon is ” Answer to cancer” , How can we prevent cancer from the roots to the top? This book is one the life changing books that everybody needs to read. The younger you read this book, The better results you will get our of it.


If you are interested in E-BOOKS, Doctor shari keeps up her good work to publish her E-books in various topics such as natural health solutions for allergies, Digestive health problems, Headache, ..


Being an speaker and teaching holistic health solutions at colleges in orange county california has been another adventurous task that Dr. shari loves to do.


As a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, I guide my clients to restore their health and maintain their happiness! I believe we have to help the body to apply its healing power of nature and I as a doctor facilitate the healing process. I will assist my clients to discover the underlying causes of their illness. We do not suppress the symptoms with drugs!  I suggest integrative natural medicine to every illness. we can avoid long-term suffering with a natural health consultation.


My work procedure starts with a holistic health evaluation( physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health). Actually, I identify the underlying root causes of your health issues that could be an emotional imbalance. According to the client’s individualized evaluation, I will guide her/ his on what to change to obtain better health. Restore health and happiness, heal internal and external bodies all in a natural holistic way.

Why are you passionate about this line of work?

Healing and helping my clients to heal themselves in a natural way has been my passion.


As a naturopathic doctor who follows the principles of naturopathic medicine, I believe in the healing power of nature. I apply non-invasive, chemical-free tests and tools such as Iridology, Quantum whole health evaluation, Nutrition Assessment, Reflexology, Mind-body assessment. After the whole health evaluation is done, I as a holistic health doctor consider all aspects of your health and whole person( not only the physical body). 


 After finding the cause of diseases, risk factors, and the client’s circumstance,   I will educate my client on her/ his specialized holistic healing procedure. The natural healing journey is not only the physical body healing but also emotional and spiritual healing are included.

In fact, my role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to educate and encourage my clients to take responsibility for their own health. our ultimate goal is the prevention of diseases. This is accomplished through education and the promotion of life habits that create good health. Appropriate intervention is considered to avoid further harm or risk to the client. Finally, building health works better and more surely than fighting disease.   The best results will be achieved with the client’s patience and practice.

Why Make An Appointment With Dr. Shari?

When you become my client, you will receive my personal dedicated attention. Your appointments, consultations, and questions about your care are never passed off to anyone else. You will receive all the information, care, comfort, and guidance first hand from me

My goal is helping you to get your ultimate result. Our ultimate result is the best of health and hapiness and a fulfilled life. 
Is this what you are interested in?

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In deed, Dr. Shari with her holistic health approach is different than others. Her especial integrative methods  improves your health not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. For example, if you have stomach pain, your stomach pain disappears after a month and your confidence and self-esteem improves too.


You might asks, How Dr. Shari’s whole health procedure is different than others?


If you ask Dr. Shari’s clients, they will answer this question; Dr. Shari evaluates you from the tip of toes to the crown of head with custom made non-harming methods. For example,  she evaluates all of your organs such as digestive system, liver, kidney, heart, thyroid, respiratory and reproductive system, … In addition, her whole health evaluation reveals what vitamin and mental deficiency you may have. What toxins are accumulated in your body? The great thing is that all of Dr. shari’s evaluation methods are non-harming and custom made only for you.


Next, She spends more than 20 hours to evaluate your whole health results, all together in one place. Once she discovers the root causes of your health issues, she will schedule you for next appointment to discuss the results.


By visiting her on next appointment, you will receive all the natural health resolution to transform your health. Health transformation will be a long healthy one to enjoy with your family and friends. Definitely, You will learn what are your specific risk factors and how to prevent future diseases.

Certainly, you will learn integrative healthy habits that has benefits for your whole family. You will change your family’s lifestyle too! As well as, you will learn specific exercise to boost your physical and mental capacity, balance your emotion, release anger, fear, anxiety and sad emotion.


Doctor of naturopathy, Shari, helps you to heal yourself. You can maintain and improve your whole health. Especially, Dr. Shari guides you with natural health solutions. Practically, you can experience holistic health service for your own rejuvenation, recovery, and maintenance of whole health and happiness.


Actually, Dr. Shari takes you on the natural health journey to rejuvenate your body and mind. At this point, she guides you on how to prevent degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal Imbalance, and even cancer with all-natural Health solutions.


Natural health works. Dr. Shari applies all non-invasive modalities to discover the root causes of illness. She does not suppress the symptoms. She tries to find out the underlying root causes of a health issue and resolve it from roots.


 Your body definitely has an inherent capacity to heal itself. In fact, you and doctor shari work together to facilitate your inherent healing capacity! At last, our health goal is to establish, maintain, and restore health in a holistic way. 


Dr. Shari will be your guide in the natural health journey. Actually, She leads you to how to rejuvenate your body and mind in a holistic way. 

Your Health is your wealth.

Invest in your health. Maintain it now. Tomorrow might be Late. Act Now! Call 949-500-2984 for FREE phone Consultation.

Why don’t you try to heal yourself in a natural way! It is about your healthy choice. The health care path you choose will change your health destiny. Try natural first!

Rejuvenate yourself and prevent degenerative diseases by turning to Natural Health & Yoga LLC.


If you like to know more about me! My name is Shari and I am a naturopathic doctor and board-certified holistic health counselor from the American Council of Holistic Medicine. I am honored to provide natural healing solutions to everybody’s health issues.


Honestly, I am familiar with most of the natural modalities. Since I have been a professional in public health care for more than 15 years, I have experience and apply my past experience in my natural health recommendation. Certainly, some of my past health care experiences include yoga therapy and disease prevention services. 


I think that the natural health approach to health-care is one of the best, unique, integrative, and effective methods in health care. Certainly, the main requirement to achieve our ultimate health care goal is patience, persistence, and practice.


If you have the patience, you will feel your best transformation in your natural health journey. Finally, it works like a miracle!

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Yoga and Chakra Therapy for Energy Balance

Honestly, I will serve you not only as your naturopathic doctor but also as your teacher. My major role as a teacher is to educate and encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Certainly, prevention is easier than cure, so I am here to educate you about taking responsibility to prevent diseases in your whole health journey.

For this purpose, I guide you on how to improve your own health in a holistic way. Before starting our natural health journey, I will discover your risk factors ( I do not suppress the symptoms with pain killers and chemicals). In particular, I use the symptoms as signs of warning. For this purpose, we help your body to heal itself.  After discovering the underlying root causes of an illness, I help you in creating specific strategic changes that end to optimal health and happiness. 

In fact, learning and practicing a healthy lifestyle will lead to reducing further harm to your body and mind. Consequently, it is all about your patience and practice! If you practice it, the final result is your reward.  At last, consistency and regular practice of what you learn from Dr. Shari is a positive life-changing experience. However, it not only changes your own health but also it changes your whole family’s health. Why? Because you will be the leader of your own family to guide them.  Are you ready for it?

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