Learning how to face sadness and how to manage solutions is a skill that we need to learn.

Honestly, every human being has experienced a sad moments in his/ her life. what is important is how we react to the sad situation. How we handle that sad moment so it does not become chronic . Chronic or elongate sad emotion can lead to depression.

To begin with, facing sadness or depression and finding solutions are our focus.  Depression is not a pleasant word. Nobody likes the stigma name of Depression. Statistics shows almost 50 percent of Americans  suffer from depression. In fact, we need to accept that depression is a chronic condition of sad emotion. When we do not pay attention or do not find a solution to sad emotion for a long time, it becomes a problem! when we do not know how to control sad emotion and how to get rid of it, sadness become chronic.

Sometimes , we know that we are sad and need to find solutions to get rid of it. its great!   The problem is that we do not choose a good solution to face or control it. There are various solutions to choose and we need to teach the best of them. Actually, we need to teach our kids from kinder garden how to face and mange their emotion. Especially,  it is a skill that parents are responsible to teach kids as they develop to youth age.

Sadness Solutions and Yoga

It is obvious  when we lose something or miss somebody, we get sad. For example, getting a bad grade makes a child sad. Another example is when there is a divorce in a family and a child misses her mom or dad for a while, this will have effect on his emotion. In the mean time, when this  loss lasts too long , the sad emotion becomes chronic.

In any event, chronic  sad emotion that transfers to teenager age will lead to other emotional imbalance( anger, hatred) . Surely, chrnoic sad emotion eventually ends in mental issues. Additionally, teenage age is the age the person is more under influence of his/her friends. Gradually,  this imbalanced emotional issue continues during youth years.  Necessarily, the person has tendency to get rid of sad emotions and looking for a solution .In this case , when he/she is in contact  with a group of friends from school or socializing out of school, he/she will be introduced to various solutions to release sad emotion.

In fact, there are various solutions to face sad emotion to get back to its balance. One of the  solutions to face sadness is, trying to forget about it. Other ways  such as talking to friends or drug introduction could be a choice too. Moreover,  listening to music, going out for a walk, Exercise or going to gym, and even doing yoga are other choices too.  Finding solution to face sadness is a choice! In my opinion, doing yoga is one of the best solutions.  Teaching yoga to the kids not only bring balance to their physical body  but also it balances their emotional body too. In fact, Science has proved that regular yoga practice  helps to release emotional distress and sad emotion!

Certainly, l Either teaching yoga to the kids at school or emphasizing on relaxation and meditation helps to release sad emotion. For this purpose, following Chakra balanced yoga practice is a positive solution to face sad emotion. Surely, yoga resolves depression before it becomes chronic and dangerous. For example, yoga philosophy  teaches how to forgive and forget. As result, forgiveness becomes a habit so we do not hate anymore. we know that hate can hurt other! Forgiving and forgetting  whoever hurts us  helps to release negative emotion.

Finally, teaching yoga and its positive philosophy  at schools can be one of the best solutions to prevent chronic sad emotion. To this end, yoga is a prevention solution to widespread depression in the modern world.  Why don’t we start teaching yoga at schools so the kids do not hurt himself and  others when they grow up!

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