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From alternative medicine to herbal remedies, Natural Health & Yoga LLC. has them all. No matter what health issue you are dealing with, I will strive to provide you with first-rate solutions and use my expertise as a naturopathic doctor to help you. To make an inquiry or request a holistic health consultation, reach out to me via phone, email, or the form on this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Here is what clients tell us about their experience with Natural Health and Yoga:

Yoga to heal yourself

Fred:” I wish I could found Dr. Shari earlier so I did not suffer so many health issues at the present moment. she helped me to find out that my emotions has impacts on my body”

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Cristy said: ” Doctor Shari helped find the root cause of my colon issues. She taught me how to take care of myself, so I do not need to go to different doctors and change medicines.


Fatime: ” Doctor Shari Guided me to discover the underlying root causes of my chronic lower back pain issues. She taught me how to help my whole body heal itself. I go to her office regularly. Dr. Shari taught me life habits to improve my health.  Actually, the money that I spent on prevention is worthy because I do not have to pay for surgery and other treatment along with lots of pain .”

Drink Water

Alex Said:” Doctor Shari helped me with my digestive system. He has vast knowledge and could answer most of my questions. She practices Iridology in Newport beach and She did Ozone therapy for me. I loved the relaxation along with magnet therapy and Ozone therapy. It was perfect to have all the natural care services in one place.  I wish I could go to her office every week. “

Ardeshir’s Review: “One of the best Holistic Health Doctors out there, Dr Shari takes her time to talk with you extensively to get to know what your problems is and then suggests a remedy that does not just alleviate the symptoms but gets to the root of the problem. Thank you Dr Shari “

Christine P. said: “Dr. Shari, is amazing. She is patient. She listened to everything I had to say and took lots of notes. She was very through with just my first session. I’m excited for my next session which is my results session. She really has an understanding about the body. I came in for an eye reading and what she told me, I was shocked. I can’t wait for my second session!”

Gilma’s Story

I had a lot of health problems with my digestive system, I had bloating, stomach acidity, and skin itchiness. I went to different doctors and each gave me some medications to take. Actually, I tried all of them. Some doctors gave me antibiotics. while some doctors gave me pain killer drugs that i did not want to take them. I was looking for a doctor who could solve most of my health problems in one place. One day, my friend suggested to find a natural doctor. I googled natural doctors and found Dr. Shari On Google. I called her . she was so nice to give me an appointment with her. Dr. Shari is an amzing doctor that I can not describe how she could solve my health problems! She did all the tests in her own office. She could solve most of my health problems in two weeks. Actually, She did not give me any chemical medicine. Especially, She taught me how to change my habits to solve my digestive problems. After one week of following her direction, I could feel the change in my body. I have more energy, less sickness, my brain works better. Every day, I feel better and I am grateful to find Dr. Shari. Thank you Dr. shari! I refer every one of my friends to see Dr. Shari. It is worthy to pay money and prevent lots of other diseases. Now! I do not have to go to so many doctors anymore. Dr. Shari can solved most of my health problems.

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Rosé’s Story

Rosie came to me with itchy eyes for her first session. She is a 63 years old mom who has been struggling with itchy eyes and she has been going to different doctors for the solutions unsuccessfully. Certainly, she has tried different treatments and she is tired of taking Antibiotics now. Actually, she had a stroke in 2016 and her right eyelid got in trouble. In fact, she is not happy with her droopy right eyelid that looks like to be a smaller eye. Even though she did eyelid beauty surgery, it only lasted for a year. Again, her right eyelid has become droopy eyelids, the same as it was before the surgery.  Her eyesight is good but her eyes itchiness bothers her a lot and that is why she seeks holistic health solutions. 

Once she came to me to discover the root causes of her health problem with Iridiology. Here is what I did for her: I did a whole health evaluation first . Next, I did iridology for her and found out this inflammation is related to her allergic reaction because her immune system is overactive, her lymphatic system is engaged. She mentioned that she has had a history of sinus infection and itchy throat a few years ago.

On her second result session( Jan 6,2022) , after she took most of the phase one supplement for about a month, she was happy that her result. In fact, her headache was gone and she attested that she has not have a headache this month. She feels more positive and tries to work on her mind set and practice positive affirmation that I taught her every morning and night. Although her eye itchiness has decreased, she is still looking forward to full recovery.


Susan F.’s Story 

She has been dealing with rashes on arms and skin allergy for more than 25 years. She gets her both arms itchy and the only external soothing solution is salt water ( swimming in salt water) . She wants to get irdiology help to discover root causes of her skin itchiness. 

She has been eating healthy, all natural juices, smoothies ,and intermittent fasting . She doesn’t like the taste of meat ( she eats meat once a month) . She does exercise. For example, she does swimming , and weight lifting  though core workout is missing . 

Sometimes, she suffers UTI( Urinary tract infection) . She has had an IUD for 3 years ( she does not want to have periods ) . She puts an estrogen sticker on her belly, and takes a progesterone pill at night . Her blood pressure has always been low. 

She has feelings of numbness, tingling and itching in her hands and feet . Feels depressed , fear of impending doom, warrior and anxious, nervous or agitated, feeling of insecurity bothers her. she suffers restless leg syndrome. Also,  cracks at a corner of her mouth , fragile skin, bleeding gums.

she has all of below signs and symptoms such as :

difficulty falling asleep, trouble calming down, feeling weird after drinking coffee, calm on outside troubled Inside, arthritis tendency, runny nose, acne, history of heroes, chronic fatigue, 


After Quantum test  and the whole health evaluation, I realized that she has vitamin deficiencies . Lack of trace mineral elements such as calcium and potassium were main concern.

Though she is thin, her blood lipids are high and have a tendency to cause heart problems(peripheral resistance and lack of oxygen). her channel of meridian is blocked.

I am going to help her  to resolve her main health problems and overcome her chronic allergy in next six months.


She promised that she will be committed to detox. She emphasised  that she will follow what i teach her to balance her gland functions.

I am going to help her with PH and her kidney function  while high Uric  acid  and proteinuria Need attention . 

Finally, I will teach and support her to achieve her ultimate goal of health and peace of mind. 



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