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Nutrition For Better Health

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Vitamin and Mineral Needs

Dr. shari evaluates your vitamin needs. We discover more details about your nutrients needs, what vitamins you need the most, and what vitamin and mineral deficiencies are related to the causes of your health problems. After analysis is done, Dr. Shari delivers customized diet, food as medicine, and alternative modalities to you. She helps you to improve your intake and assimilation to meet your vitamin needs of organs and achieve your ultimate organs healthy function and well-being.


Are you ready to rejuvenate and create a better version of yourself with Dr. shari’s holistic health solutions?

How can food choice become so important?

Are you concerned about how you can improve your health and happiness with good foods?

Dr. Shari teaches you how to choose the foods that can heal your body. In fact, the right food is a good medicine and helps you to heal your body. Actually, Combining food, nutrition and correct diet not only boosts the body’s natural ability to heal but also acts as a preventative illness method.

Bloating, Gassiness, Have a bad breath, Can not digest heavy foods

Dr. shari has all the best solutions for you! Are you ready to solve all of those Digestive problems?


Dr. shari helps you not only heal your digestive system but also prevent other chronic diseases such as liver health issues, kidney problems,Heart…


Doctor of Naturopathy, Shari, who has expertise and knowledge in considering dietary plan, change the food you eat, will guide you to heal yourself in a non-chemical way. Actually, she teaches you how to take the food that you love and transform them into healthier, delicious versions that you can enjoy every day.

How nutrition has a big role in your health or disease?

Nutrition and what you eat every day matters a lot. It creates a big change in your whole health. Especialy, preparing nutritious foods have a great impact on your physical and mental health. Have you noticed how your mental health improves with your diet change? Try it today.

You just need to learn how to heal yourself and meet your body’s need. Actually, you need to learn correct food choice and easy preparation techniques to prevent illnesses. Dr. Shari’s job is teaching you how take care of yourself to stay off of most medications. Are you ready for it?


Additionaly, Dr. Shari teaches you in-home cooking in case you need it. How to apply healing foods to your specific diet by considering your illness and diet restrictions is a specail skill. As Dr. Shari, HOW? Honestly, Dr. Shari teaches you how to design a special diet for yourself to avoid chronic illnesses such as food allergies in future.


You don’t have to suffer diabetes when you know how to manage your food and change your diet. Actaully, heart disease prevention is possible when you learn how to balance your Cholestrol and blood pressure with correct food intake.


 If you are a cancer survival, you don’t have to be scared of future when you learn how to consume food as a medicine. Ask Dr. Shari for a FREE phone Consultation.


Ask Dr. Shari How. She is willing to guide you in your holistic health journey to enjoy a long healthy life. Why don’t you try a nutrition consultation today?Act now! Tomorrow might be late. Don’t let diseases progression increase your pain, Book a nutrition session with Dr. Shari Now:

Integrative Nutrition

What does integrative nutrition mean?

The practice of integrative nutrition takes a holistic approach to wellness recognizing that the foundation for optimal health and healing begins with a health-promoting diet. Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

What is an integrative nutrition health coach?

Doctor Shari is a health caoch. A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes are possible by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs. Dr. shari designs a customized nutrition program according to your illnesses and needs.

Food Choice Matters!

What is an integrative nutrition plan?

No one plan fits all clients, and their emotional, physical, and nutritional needs must be addressed when developing a plan.

Honestly, clients may have many health issues in common but the plan differs according to everyone’s goal setting, past health history, heredity in family, and recent illnesses. Dr. shari designs the path customized for each person. That is why the health journey to achieving health goals will differ from individual to individual. For this reason, Dr. Shari conducts an initial assessment that involves taking a thorough medical history and evaluating your medications, including those sold over the counter as well as supplements.


At Natural Health, our concentration is on how to manage your eating patterns to help your body heal itself. Certainly, managing your health condition with nutritionis a skill to learn and applying a holistic health lifestyle needs practive. The good news is that is possible if we are willing to prevent diseases progression with positive changes. Act NOW. sk Dr. Shari to help you through the journey.

Holistic health NUTRITION can help you to resolve with many conditions such as:

Certainly, some aspets of your health depends on your nutrition. Whether you are suffering from any of ill-health conditions or you are just looking for ways to improve your overall health, you will definitely benefit from a holistic health consultation with Dr. Shari.

Finally, you will start transforming your relationship with food, love every bite you eat, and enjoy your life to the fullest by looking good and feeling great. You don’t have to stay hungry! You will learn strategies and tips on how to adjust your relationship with food and make smarter choices at grocery stores or restaurants. Finally, you can heal your body with the right foods!

– Thomas Edison

Call for your first phone consultation, Dr. Shari at 949-500-2984.

Nutrition and detoxification are related. We need to consider both when we think about a healthy lifestyle. Question is what is detoxification? How can I detox my body?
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