Hot Summer and Headache!  Cool down with holistic Health Solutions.

Hot days of summers are here. When the weather is too hot, it can lead to the body’s imbalance in various ways.  Actually, the body needs to cool down in summer to balance its internal and external temperature. Certainly, too much heat in the body can lead to nausea and headache. Headache is a kind of your body’s warning that tells you it needs more attention.

In order to keep the body heat balance, your best first choice is to consider a holistic natural solution. A holistic solution to a headache includes external and internal support. For example,  applying cool external protections such as a hat , fans to cool down the body’s external temperatures are helpful.  Also,  Drinking water and fresh Lime juice will be good options for internal support and headache relief in summer.

Headache in Hot Summer Days

In fact, natural health or alternative medicine teaches us how to prevent or cure a headache with lifestyle change.  The amazing easy changes in lifestyle will be rewarding to stay free from pain.

The headache should not bother you in hot summer days. Ask Dr. Shari how!Dr. Shari Nasrabadi with over 15 years of experience in teaching yoga and holistic health guides you through the natural health journey.

If you notice that headaches are almost there every day when you are in the sun, It s a warning that your body’health is in danger and it needs more attention. If you seek a naturopathic doctor for a holistic consultation, chronic headache prevention is possible. Otherwise, the lack of attention to chronic headache could lead to various unwanted outcomes( cancer).  Natural health Doctor guides you on how to prevent degenerative  Chronic Diseases. Finally, prevention is easier and has less cost than treatment. Act early to avoid chronic illness and enjoy life quality.

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