Seasonal Allergy

Seasonal allergy and natural health solutions is a topic that naturopathic doctors talk about it in spring. Spring is beautiful and you have to enjoy it with the flowers around you. You don’t have to suffer seasonal allergy from pollens in spring when there are natural solutions. A question is why some people show an allergic reaction to pollens while others do not have any allergy symptoms! Historically, allergies were not known as much as do in the present moment. The question is why? Honestly, Statistics have shown allergic reaction incidence has increased over the years even though there are lots of drugs available for treatment. However, some people look for natural health solutions to heal allergies. Surely, a seasonal allergy is common in spring and autumn when pollens can be found more in the environment. Natural health doctors suggest natural solutions face seasonal allergy in the first place.

Seasonal Allergy
Seasonal Allergy

Seasonal allergy and immune system response are related together. In fact, we know that an allergy is an inappropriate response by the body’s immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful. pollens are not normally harmful to most people but the question is why some people show a reaction to it! Actually, the immune system is a highly complex defense mechanism that helps us to combat foreign invades. It does this by identifying ” foreign invaders and mobilizing the body’s white blood cells to fight them. The problem is that the immune system wrongly identifies a non-toxic substance like pollen as an invader, and the white blood cells overreact and do more damage to the body than the invader. Thus, the allergic response becomes a disease in itself. Common responses are nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, itching, hives, and other skin rashes, headache, and fatigue.

A question is that What can cause allergy? In particular, the substance that provokes allergic responses is called allergens. Almost any substance can cause an allergic reaction in someone somewhere in the world, but the common allergens pollen, dusts , certain metals, some cosmetics, , animal hair, some common drugs( such as penicillin and aspirin), some food additives, ( such as benzoic and sulfur dioxide), and chemicals found in soap and washing powder.

Spring pollen
Seasonal Allerg

Lastly, seasonal allergy in the spring is a common health issue and we need to find natural healing solutions. Naturopathic doctors suggest natural solutions to seasonal allergies. Certainly, they believe Natural works best when we choose it in the first place. The naturopathic doctor works with you to discover the root causes of allergic reactions. Indeed, the good thing about natural health is that there is no harm to the body. Most of the healing products are originated from nature and matches more with the human body, therefore if you choose natural health there is nothing to worry about the side effect of drugs. Naturopathic medicine suggests natural healing and applies the healing power of nature to help your body heal itself.

Dr. Shahzad Nasrabadi is a doctor of traditional naturopathy and can help you with natural solutions for seasonal allergy relief. Choose Natural and find the root causes your allergy and prevent further health problems over time. Ask Dr. Shahrzad any question you may have, Click