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A Story of Natural Health Journey

A Story of Liver Lesion to Natural Health Journey:

Miss M’s journey towards better health is a testament to her determination and resilience. At 51 years old, she’s faced a myriad of health challenges, from her hysterectomy to her ongoing struggles with various conditions. It’s clear that she’s been through a lot, and her concerns about a liver lesion have added to her anxiety.

The fact that she had a hysterectomy due to ovarian cysts and fibroids highlights the complexity of her health history. Her symptoms before the procedure, particularly the heavy bleeding, must have been incredibly distressing. Coping with a stressful job in mental health counseling for two years only added to the burden she was carrying.

It’s noteworthy that Miss M’s family history includes hypertension and that she’s been monitoring her blood sugar levels. The commitment to watching her sugar intake demonstrates her desire to take control of her health.

Miss M’s fitness regimen seems to have taken a back seat due to her demanding job, which is something many of us can relate to. Her snoring and nighttime bathroom visits reveal the many disturbances she faces during her sleep, likely impacting her overall well-being.

Digestive issues and her gallbladder removal 15 years ago have been ongoing concerns. She’s acknowledged not paying enough attention to her diet due to her job’s demands, which can often happen when life gets busy.

The iridology results offer a fascinating glimpse into her health, with various areas of concern, including her parathyroid, small intestine, colon, lymphatic system, and immune system. The sensory-motor brain capacity and autonomic nervous system are also areas where she may be experiencing issues.

The quantum test has revealed critical concerns, such as obesity, high triglycerides, low stomach pepsin, heart disease, and lung problems. The low thymus secretion and high blood sugar indicate a potential diabetes tendency. The array of issues she’s dealing with is overwhelming.

The approach you’ve taken in guiding her through these health challenges is commendable. Your one-on-one sessions, nutritional guidance, and the quantum test have provided her with a holistic perspective on her health. It’s great to see that she’s made changes, incorporating salads and exercise into her routine.

Your offer of packages and the personalized support you’ve given her instill trust and hope in Michelle. The tea masala you’ve provided is a thoughtful touch, showing that you care about her overall well-being.

Miss M’s journey to better health is ongoing, and she’s clearly on the right path. With your guidance and support, she’s now armed with the knowledge and tools she needs to work towards a healthier, more vibrant life. It’s a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and you’re playing a vital role in helping her along the way.

Why choose holistic health as your health care choice:

  • you don’t have to suffer chronic pain and inflammation 
  •  Don’t suffer side effects of drugs 
  • Don’t suffer hospitalization
  • Enjoy longevity
  • When you are healthier you can have a better quality life for yourself and family 
  • Have a positive impact on the world and those who are surrounding you 
  • Be more productive 
  • Create a better world for yourself and others 

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