Menopause and Natural Remedies

Busy Moms! Have you been struggling with menopause?Does hormonal change bother you? Are you worried about Drug Hormone Therapy and side effects? Do you like learning more about natural remedies and how it can help you to balance your hormones and manage hot flashes?  As we know, hot flashes are more common in menopause age and women over 40s. Especially, one of the signs of hot flashes is feeling sudden warmth in your face, neck ,shoulders, and upper body. Eventually, hot flashes can occur any time of day or even in the middle of night.  Certainly, hot flashes at night time can disturb your peaceful night sleep and lead to insomnia in the long term. In fact, regular hot flashes are related to hormonal imbalance. How often do you try to ignore it? If we neglect to resolve hormonal imbalance and hot flashes, it can leads to other health problems such as cardiovascular malfunction.   According to research, neglecting chronic hot flashes is linked to high blood pressure and heart diseases. New scientific research shows that chronic hot flashes and estrogen imbalance  are related to high risk of heart attacks and stroke.  Furthermore, hot flashes and hormonal changes have a contribution to sugar craving in women. It can lead to overconsumption of calories and end in diabetes. Moreover, we know that overconsumption of calories ends in obesity and all other related health problems. 

Discover natural health solutions for balancing hormones in menopause age. Herbal Teas and it’s Benefits

Here is the Good News! Can you believe we can manage hot flashes with natural health solutions? Here are some of the solutions that I, as a Doctor of Naturopathy, suggest you implement in your lifestyle. Do you know you can lower the frequency of your hot flashes by managing the triggers? One of the triggers that can increase the frequency of hot flashes is caffeinated beverages. It has been advised to avoid caffeinated beverages as much as you can to lower the frequency of your hot flashes in days and nights. As well, there is a link between alcohol consumption and feeling sudden warmth in the face and neck area that triggers hot flashes. on the whole, pay attention to your eating habits. If you are interested in some of the natural solutions that I suggested to implement , here are my recommendations; paying attention to natural remedies such as healing plants helps you lower the frequency of hot flashes. For example, one of the healing plants is red raspberry leaf that can be used as tea. Red raspberry leaf has lots of benefits. One of it’s benefits is balancing hormonal fluctuation that is most needed in menopause age.  By the way, other natural remedies such as vitamins, healing exercise, relaxation, and meditation will help you to lower the frequency of hot flashes in menopause age. If you like learning how to apply them and create healthy habits to feel the positive effects of natural remedies, feel free to join my FREE facebook group. Click here to join. If you like to know me, I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, board certified holistic health counselor, and experienced yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience. I am passionate to help you with my all inclusive natural remedies if you have bellow qualifications: *Are you a busy mom who has tried mainstream treatments unsuccessfully?

  • Tired of symptom suppression, and you are committed to long term outcomes 
  • Want to improve your life quality and believe in investing in yourself
  • Ready for a natural health journey! 

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