Less Preservative Foods

Have you ever wondered why it has been recommneded to consume less preservative foods? There is a connection between between food industrialization and using more preservatives in food industry. The question is how food industrialization has affected our health and well-being!

Have you ever notcied food allergies has sky-rocketed recently? Have you ever wondered why we suffer rashes, itchy skin after eating some kinds of foods or going a restaurant? What kind of foods can lead to more allergic reactions? Why do our bodies show reactions to some kind of foods?

Lower can food consumption for disease prevention.

Why don’t we pay attention to what we put in our bodies? How come denial has been our approach to our food choice and illness? Unfortunately, we have different objections to avoid accepting food industrialozation has affected our health and well-beings. Honestly, som of us could see how food shelves were full of can foods and they disppeared during Covid pandemic time. Who has consumed all of those can foods?

Certainly, we know that can foods are the preserved foods and has longer shelf life. Have you ever asked how come fresh foods can not last long if we put them in store shelves for 6 months? The answer is here! Can foods contain chemical preservatives to stay fresh for a longer time. Especially, Some extra sugar, salt and colors have been added to reduce it’s spoilage. For example, some of the preservatives are sodium Benzoate, Sorbate Potassium, Benzoic acid, Nitrites ( processed meats) BHA, Sulfides, Potassium nitrates,.. Did you try to read the ingredients on the can foods?

If we consider a natural health approach to our food consumption, there is a relationship between our food choice and the kind of illness we suffer. In fact, naturopathic approach emphasis on choosing natural foods that contains less chemicals to prevent illnesses. Occasionally, can foods are one of the sources that can lead to health issues such as allergic reactions. As an expert in natural health services, I have had several clients whoes allergic reactions are relevant to the foods they eat. Once I advised them to change what they eat, their health problems was reduced over time. Clearly, our old body does not like new industrialized foods.

Finally, allergic reaction and itchiness are the signs that your body reminds you to reduce chemcials from your diet. Listen to your body’s messages. To summarize, go natural, choose natural foods over can foods. At last, follow natural health approach for illness prevention before it’s late. My passion as a certified holistic health counselor is to inform you about your choices. This was what I shared according to my knowledge and experience. Practice it before it’s late. Feel free to contact me if there is any allergic reaction concern.

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