Iridology is a science that an Iridologist analyzes the signs in the eyes.   A natural health doctor can tell from the markings or signs in the iris of the eyes, what the reflex condition of the various organs of the body is. In other words, iridology is is the science of determining acute, sub-acute, chronic, and destructive stages in the affected organs of the body. Iridologists can discover through signs corresponding areas in the iris. As an example, drug deposits, inherent weakness and living habits of the patient are also revealed in the iris of the eye.

Certainly, Iridology can help doctors a lot! Most doctors are kept busy these days thinking up names for new disease manifestations. Actually, many disease manifestations are being developed constantly because civilization is making many changes in human habits, environment, and family life. She/He lives indoors more than ever, has to breathe more carbon dioxide gas than he did fifty years ago, and she/he is subject to powerful electrical influences like electromagnetic ( computers, cell phones, TVs). Also, the noise of the city, the rapid pace of city life, the pollution produced by factories, the drugs, and chemical products, all take a toll on health and vitality. Thus, new symptoms are bound to develop, we still have only the same number of body organs in which diseases can settle. No matter how habits of living may be altered, the same organs still will be affected.

Iridology for better Health

Of course, Iridology discovers the organ issues.  As we know, the way each organ may be affected occurs in a variety of combinations. In fact, each combination having its separate symptoms. But rather than have an unlimited number of names to designated these symptoms, it is not better to employ a method? We can employ a method whereby we can find the cause, regardless of the name.  Naturopathic doctors believe that symptoms occur in the patient due to nerve tension, a deficiency of minerals and vitamins that will also create additional symptoms. But have all names for these symptoms when there is a means of determining the source of nervous tension as well as a chemical imbalance of the tissue?

Iridology is of more value to the doctor in his relationship to the client than any other analysis. Though most forms of discoveries, it is difficult to determine tissue change as they occur in the various parts of the body. Iridology gives us the opportunity of seeing by external signs the internal organs change to a better state of health.  Iridology can tell whether the client is improving in health, or if his condition becoming g worst. We also have a check on the doctor, as to whether he is giving the proper advice to the client or not. A true doctor must be a blessing to a patient, not only in a moment but in years to come.

At last, Iridology is the science of analyzing human ailments. As a naturopath, my emphasis is on preventive medicine. Naturopathy is about preventive therapeutics, teaching people how to gain and how to maintain good health. In brief, my job is teaching people how to live correctly according to their health analysis results. Finally, if you need to learn how to become well and how to maintain a good standard of health, feel free to book your first natural health consultation:

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