Iridiology and Weight

Are you struggling with losing weight? Do you suffer fatigue and insomnia? Have you tried losing weight in a safe, healthy and sustainable manner? How to get rid of relentelss depression that sucks the joy out of you? Have you heard of iridiolgy and how it works? What kind of relationship is between irdiology and weight managment?

Weigh managment and irdiology are related. Eventually, you might have tried different weight loss programs and most of them have not worked! Actually, you may loose some weight for a while but you had gained it again after a few months later. Though I understand that you might have other objections to postpone the real solutions, it is not that kind of hard. Do you know why non of your weigh lose programs was effecive?

Iridiology and weight

What is the relationship between iridiology and weight? Dr. shari who is a doctor of traditional naturoapthy, board certified holistic health counselor and experinced yoga teacher will disclose the relationship between appropriate weight managment program and Iridiology in holistic health. In fact, the holistic health counselor, Dr. Shari, applies iridiology to discover what is going on inside your body and use it as one of strategies to plan your effective weight lose program.

Here is what you can listen to:

Especaily, iridiology plays a main role in weight managment program. Dr. Shari’s program helps to heal not only your physical body but also emotional body. As a result, you will feel happier as well fulfilled after following her holistic health program. As an example, most of health issues such as feeling of fatigue disappears. Also, you will not feel that kind of sad emotion and depression anymore.

Accordingly, a great thing about holistic health consultation is that it has the long-term solutions for you. In fact, holistic health is not a temporary Releif with side effrect. In spite of that holistic health effects remains with you for a long run. In addition, holistic health solutions are customozed solutions only for you. In deed, customized program means that the solutions will not work for somebody else except you! At last, you are unique and your weight lose program has to be unique according to your constituition for you. Since your constitution is different from somebody else, your weight managment program will be different too.

Dr. shari is passionate to help you feel better physically and emotionaly. She wants to keep her program accessible to every body. Dr. Shari offers 20% off of first iridiology test in November 2020. If you are interested in discovering the relationship between iridiology and weight lose, send an email to Dr. Shari,

Feel free to call 949-500-2984 for any question. If you like to subscribe, click for future videos, become a member of Dr. Shari’s group. You can join , here facebook group.

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