Indigestion, Bloating, Gassiness

Are you struggling with indigestion ? Do you like feeling health and happiness with holistic health solutions ? Are you wondering how to get rid of indigestion, bloating, gassiness while discovering the root causes of your health problems? Why dont you try holistic health solution with Dr. Shari?

Let me tell you a stroy of one of my clients;

When I picked a phone call, she started asking about my irdiology service. She wanted to know how iridiology can help her to find out the root causes of her health problems. When I asked her, what is her health concern? she started telling me her health history that you can read here;

I have been struggling with fibromyalgia. As well, I have been suffering insomnia and nerve pain. My health history started when I was 6 months old with a dislocated clavicle( shoulder) and my parents took me to first surgery. When I was 8 years old, I got an ingrown fungus growth. When I became 17 years old , I noticed some toe nail fungal  infection that is still going on. Even though I got several manicures and pedicures, to keep my tonails beautiful from outside my toenails fungal problem resolved from inside. I never knew the root causes and stayed with me as my ongoing problem !

In 2016, a cyst was growing in my forearm( ulna bone)and surgery was done. My bone was fractured for three months When I was in high school. In spite of being active in high school, I could not even sit too long because of my hip and lower back pain. Honestly, I could feel pain in my body, especially ankles , spine and wrists when I was teenager.

Now that I am 24 years old and just graduated out of college, I am looking for ajob. I thought I have to help mysef to be healthy first, then I can be productive at my future job. If I feel always tired and sick, how can i start and keep my career in future? Honestly, I have been dealing with a sting headache like migraine, also. The headache started just last year and recently it has become stronger and worse over time. When I get headache attacks, I want to stay in a dark place without any noise or music. I was wondering how come to work with this health condition!

Since I was a student In last year’s college, I have been under stress and was not happy with my concentration and memory failing. I could feel memory deterioration! In fact, I was wondering how i can have a better memory!

Indigestion, bloating, fugal infection

I was lways open to different kind of treatment to find real solutions for my health condition. One day, my grand mother suggested to try natural medicine instread of mainstream treatments since I was not getting results. As result, It was about a year ago that I started taking homeopathic medicine and felt it worked a little bit for me. Especaily, it was aspark to me to go natural and choose more holistic health approach.

Then, I started to become a vegan. Honestly, It has been about 4 months that I suffer a very bad Constipation ( my bowl movement was every 4 days). Sometimes, I felt gassiness, pain and Constipation.

I have been suffering sleep anea recenty and have been looking for solutions for a better sleep .

I was not feeling good and confident at all.

In recent years, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ( severe anxiety, depression, insomnia). My health problems were wide spread pain in my joints and spine that affected my whole physical activity levels .

I was all scared of my family health history such as heart disease ( dad), bipolar disorder( mental health) , thyroid , and obesity runs in my family .

I have tried diffrent modalities acupuncture, cupping, Chiropracter, homeopathic medicine toll today but I needed real healing until I found Dr. shari.

Dr. shari motivated me to create positive impact in my life. My whole health has been changing gradually and I can ffel the difference.

My dream comes true and gradualy I can feel that I am able to run without pain.

After 3 months of starting holistic health solutions with Dr. Shari, I feels a some big difference. my digestion has improved and have not have constipation any more. I can feel I am less bloated and have a little bit more energy in the evening. I feel my diet is more balanced than before now. Especially my Constipation had been gone. I feel better over all. Finally, I got a new job and am so excirted to start my new career and become more productive while I am healthier. My hope is that I can do high impact exercise again when my muscles and joint pain disappear over time. I want to say thanyou to Dr. shari and her mazing protocol that works. If you have the patience to be commited and practice what Dr. shari teaches, I am sure you will get the result.

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