Immune System and Coronavirus

Strengthening the immune system is one of the most popular topics these days with coronavirus outspread. As we know, one of the best ways to fight infectious diseases such as coronavirus is to improve the immune system or strengthening the body’s defense system.  Certainly, some vitamins and supplements have been advised to improve your immune system function.

Here I see an immune system problem from my viewpoint as a doctor of naturopathy. In particular, the problem is that although we take the recommended supplements to improve our immune system, our defense system is still weak and does do its job correctly. When the defense system does not do its function, the body is not able to protect us from external attachers like Coronavirus. A question that you might ask is; Why?

Honestly, as a doctor of naturopathy, I have met some of my clients who have been taking various brands of supplements but they still have vitamin deficiencies. Surely, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common these days but taking vitamins is not the only solution.

In fact, strengthening the immune system has a role in coronavirus fight.  Especially, we need to discover why we are taking different supplements but our bodies still show Vitamin deficiency symptoms.  According to my knowledge and experience as a Doctor of Naturopathy, I believe one of the causes of vitamin and mineral deficiency is an assimilation issue.

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