A story of Holistic Health Choice

Do you struggle with digestive health problem since your childhood? Do you know you have a holistic health care choice?

Have you tried different diets and lifestyle change to help yourself and feel better when you were younger?

Are you looking for new solutions to resolve most of your digestive health problems and prevent degenrative chronic illnesses?

Imagin if you could improve your digestive system function and its vitamin absorption so you could nourish your body, prevent deficincies and improve all of your organs function will all natural solutions. Visualize rejuvenation from inside out. In deed, all is possible with my unique all inclusive holsitic health solutions. Are you ready to take a natural health journey with me ?

Holistic health care is a choice! As an example, I want to share a story of my recent clients who decided to go natural and choose holistic health care to help herself. My recent Client, Miss D, is a 29 years old yogi who loves yoga , pilates, bar exercise and she practices yoga 5 times a week. As well, she is a vegan and it’s been 5 years that she has never tasted meat ( no beef or pork any more). For this reason, her protein food sources have been fish as well as green peas and sautéed vegetables.

In the meantime, she came to see me as a holistic health doctor to help her with women’s health concern. In particular, her health problem is related to hormonal imbalance and she has been worried since she has removed a Cyst( liquidy one with 3 cm size) in 2021 . Moreover, Miss D feels joint pain in wrist and knees and her Concern is Arthritis prevention. Esepcially, Arthritis runs in her Mom’s family andd she wants to prevent it as soon as she can.

After doing iridology test( Iris Eye Reading)I realized that her main health problems are related to bloackages on 3th and 4th chakra. As an example, organs realted to her 4th chakra that needs more attention are: lungs, shoulders, immune system and wrist pain. Additionally, her 3th chakra orangs are ; transverse and descending colon , small intestine , sigmoid , spleen show signs of attention.

Improve your health with holistic health care choice.

Holistic Health Care

She is a yogi and knows that she has a holistic health care choice. Since her main concern is hormonal imbalance and arthritis prevention, she set up an appointment for the quantum test with me and was ready for the next stage of natural healing procedure. 

Eventually, Miss D came back on March 17th for quantum rest. She was concerned about her wrist pain when she does yoga and holds plank pose posture. In particular, her quantum result demnostrated what is going on with her main health concern were arthritis , thyroid, and hormone balance.

As a result, her quantum test shows she needs help with improving gastric persistalsis, gallbladder function , better breathing for lungs capacity, preventing rheumatoid arthrirs and osteoprosis, resolving potassium deficiency, vitamin B3, C,E deficiency. Moreover, she needs help with thymus secretion to improve immune system function. Also, she needs detoxing lead from her body. On top of that, improving her digestive health and absorption helps her skin collagen and wrinkle prevention. She has been struggling with lack of collagen in hair and skin and I am going to help her with degenration prevention. I am going to help her resolve most of these health problems in about six months if she is commited to practive what I teach. My solutions are all natural and non-harming and it will be rewarding over time.

Accordingly, you have a choice to try holistic healthc are. Finally,  if you are the one who wants to help herself in young age, act now , tommorrow will be late. Save your time and energy and choose holistic health care because your health is your best wealth. Lastly, holistic health is effective if you are commited to practice it. Are you ready? Act Now!

When you are ready, here is how else I can help you;

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              Dr. Shari 

              Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND)

              Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor

              Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)


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