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Yoga Therapy Session:

Do you suffer lower back pain? Do you like healing yourself with yoga? Therapeutic Yoga heals you reduce lower back pain, strengthen ts muscles, and heal yourself naturally. Dr. Shari with 15 years of experience can help you with yoga therapy.

 Yoga therapy is part of the holistic healing art. It is filled with ancient yogic teachings to enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Through the yoga therapy process, you are inspecting yourself.   After introspecting, you will be able to cultivate your healthy patterns and ultimately balance your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga therapy guides you through self-realization and self-awareness. Once you are aware of your own body, you will be able to help your body heal itself in a natural way.

Yoga to heal yourself
Try  Individualized YogaTherapy

The yoga therapy heals body and emotion. Each yoga therapy session is an individualized session that is designed only for you.  Yoga therapist helps you through the session. The yoga therapist finds out your needs first.  Actually, the initial intake session lasts about one hour.  During the initial session which therapist will have time to access your history, concerns, and health goals. Next, the therapist will guide you through the yoga therapy journey to cultivate yourself. Find out what is going on and what you need to do to improve your physical and mental health. The whole procedure guides you through self-realization. The next follow-up session is when you will experience a personalized unique practical session.

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Especially, you will practice unique modified therapeutic yoga poses that are specialized for your needs. In fact, Practicing these healing yoga poses over time helps you release blockages not only from the physical body but also the emotional and mental body. Rember, Illness starts from spirit, next mind, then emotion and finally the physical body shows the signs of sickness. Finally, physical body disorder is the last stage of illness that we notice the physical symptoms.

In brief, a yoga therapy session is one of the best healing experience that needs to be done correctly under the supervision of an expert instructor. Sometimes tension comes to the surface and makes you uncomfortable, so it’s better to stay with an instructor to guide you through the journey correctly. When you practice yoga therapy correctly, you will gain the best results!

Yoga for Healing
Shari’s Yoga Pose

Dr. Shari has been teaching more than 15 years. She is a certified yoga therapist and can guide you through the healing journey. Each individualized yoga therapy session will cover physical yoga postures, specialized breathing exercises, a spiritual program, Relaxation, and meditation all together lead you to heal not only your physical body but also heal emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

You can ask for FIRST SESSION FREE  Group yoga class for your community ( church, prayer place,.) or a private session at your own home.

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Chakra Balancing:

Have you heard of chakras? How can we improve our emotional and physical wellbeing by balancing our chakras?

Chakras are are centers of energies that are located on the spine. As we know, there is a science behind chakra therapy. In fact, each chakra or center of enery is related to some parts of nervouses system. Those nerves are finally associated with Spine and brain.

Balance body,mind, emotion
chakra Balance

By stimulating each chakra and releasing blockages in each part of the spine, we can open the blockages, release emotional resentments and achieve peace and bliss of chakra balancing. As an example, when the heart chakra is out of balance, the person feels depressed emotionaly. Also,  there is a kind of shoulder pain going on physicaly. When we apply correct chakra balancing, we are not only helping the person to remove blockages at the heart center,  but also feel happier while the shoulder pain has reduced over time.

In particular, we have seven chakras in our bodies and each chakra needs specail attention. This attention is not only physicaly, but also emotionaly and mentaly.  Try chakra balcning with experienced yoga therapist and holistic health counselor, Dr. shari today. BOOK IT NOW.