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Natural health and yoga offer protocols and various holistic health packages that are affordable according to your health needs.

Possible ModulesSession contentSession
Orienting the client Health History Case Conceptualization Whole Health Goal Setting 
Orientation, Assess Client’s Health Concern Set Initial Plan/GoalsSession One

Iridiology( Iris Eye Reading) Quantum Health Science Analysis Reflexology Natural Health Principals
Assess Client’s  Health Concerns( conditions), Set Initial HealthGoals Or  Begin Intervention TechniquesSession Two
Nutrition Questioner, Analysis Aura Energy Medicine, Mental Health Natural Health GuidanceFinal Assessment for Whole Health Evaluation/ Begin InterventionSession Three
Module Natural Health Technique  1   Diet and lifestyle Chakra Yoga TherapyContinue Natural Health Intervention TechniquesSession Four
Natural Health Technique Module 2 Vitamin and Minerals* Continue Intervention Techniques * Reassess Health Goals / Natural Healing PlanSession Five 
 Natural Health Technique Module 3 Botanical Remedies, Ayurveda* Continue/ Refine Intervention TechniquesSession Six 
Natural Health Technique Module 4 Ending Natural Healing and Maintaining Changes Continue/ Refine Intervention Techniques Discuss Ending Natural Healing and Prepare for Maintaining Changes Session Seven
Natural Health Technique Module 5 End Natural Healing and Maintaining ChangesEnd Natural Healing and Help client to Maintain ChangesSession Eight

Natural healing packages: Each package needs maintenance. If you have the patience to followup for at least 8 weeks, the results will be evident and you can feel the difference.

Note: There is a commitment behind each package, the least commitment time is 8 weeks practice of what Dr. shari teaches you. If you are ready choose one the packages and heal yourself. Remember your health is your wealth, maintain it before it’s late!

Available Health Packages and Rates
Complete Care – Basic
IDEAL FOR Ideal for people who are getting their health check-up done for the First Time:

General Physical Health CheckQuantom Science only
General Health AssessmentVitamin Deficiency, Mineral Deficiency
LipidsTriglyceerides, Cholesterol, Amino Fatty Acids 
Kidney and Adrenal FunctionUric Acid
Liver and Gallbladder  FunctionFatty Liver, Fat Digestion 
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Silver package

Fitness Care PackageIdeal for people with Low immunity and allergic symptoms 
General Health Immune System, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney Function Assessment 
Iridology ( Iris Eye Reading)Reveal Inherent weak organs and tissues, Where Inflammation is located. 
Nutrition guidance and Appropriate Exercise It depends on the health condition. Customized guidance would be the best choice of nutrition and exercise for each individual.

Gold Holistic Health Package

Complete Degenerative Disease Prevention Ideal for people who like maintaining their health, rejuvenating Body and mind in a natural way. 
General Health AssessmentGlucose, Lipids, uric acid Assessment
Iridology Reveal Inherent weak organs and tissues
Nutrition AssessmentVitamin and Mineral Deficiency, Diet Change 
Toxicity Assessment Mercury, Lead, Potential Pesticide Toxicity
Rate: $ 100.00

This package needs maintenance visits( one to two hours) and each visit depends on
the time that doctor spends to explain details to you.

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