Heart Palpitation:

Have you ever experienced heart palpitation recently? Do you wonder what the root cause of heart palpitation is? Have you tried mainstream treatments and got no real solutions? Imagine of you could discover the root causes behind your heart palpitation. Visualize you can help your heart with holistic health solutions that are all natural without any harm to your body! Why don’t you try my customized holistic health solutions to heal your heart ?Let me tell you story of my recent client who wanted real natural solution to help herself;

She is a 34 years old mom of a two years old baby. She is a pretty active lady and she does exercises regularly. Certainly, she tries to eat healthy while loves to travel and have fun .

Recently, she has been struggling with her heart palpitations . For this reason, she went to different medical doctors. After all tests were fine, most doctors told her that nothing is wrong physically, she might be anxious emotionally. some of those medical doctors prescribed antibiotics. Honestly, she did not feel good after taking those pills, so she did not take them for more than a week .

Heart palpitation and natural health solutions

She said:” I feel something is not right with my heart palpitations though doctors say its nothing! As I know, it has been going on after I had a c-section of my baby boy. After drinking my coffee , it gets worse. That is why I stopped my coffee and wanted to start detoxing.

In addition, she shares;” my friend passed away during COVID TIME and I was so upset, so I drank alcohol a lot . I woke up in the middle of night with different kinds of vivid dreams. Since I got scared, I could not sleep and was dealing with insomnia. Lack of energy during the day led to less work productivity.”

Since I wanted to help myself, I did health research and wanted to start taking care of myself. I have been taking lots of different supplements but still my energy level is low. Finally, I find out that I need an expert help to guide me. In reality, I was looking for real causes of my heart palpitation and a doctor who can guide me with real natural solutions.

After I did my research on Google, I found Dr. Shari’s website . When I did reading through her website, I noticed how it aligns with me. Certainly , iridology was another reason that I chose Dr. Shari. I wanted somebody to see my eyes and discover the real causes behind my heart palpitation.

In this journey, I called and met Dr. Shari who is a naturopathic Doctor. Honestly, I am so glad that I found Dr. Shari since she did my iridology test and gave me the result that could made sense to me ! Honestly, I knew that I have had some adrenal gland issues and did not know what to do with it.It was surprise that Dr. shari also revealed it to me ! Fortunately, Dr. Shari explained the relationship between my gut, my thyroid and my adrenal gland. I was amazed how all of these organs relate to each other. Dr. shari was like teacher to teach me about my body function and what I can do to help my body repair itself. Trying Irdiology with Dr. Shari was an amazing experience to see how she checks out my eyes and discovers a lot info about my internal organ’s health .

Another great thing about Dr. Shari is that she could teach me about interrelationship between my emotional balance, stress Management and heart palpitation. Now, I know that some of my physical health problems are related to my emotional imbalance. Definitely , Dr. Shari helped me to find out my needs. For example, I realized that I need to work on my self awareness .Obviously, once I know myself better, I can heal my body physically and emotionally more than before.

Finally, I feel blessed to find Dr. Shari who guides me on a natural health journey. At last, I suggest Dr. Shari to everybody who seeks root causes of her health problem and wants to try some of the best holistic health approach. Your final result will be rewarding when you are committed to practice what you learn from DR. Shari.

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