Heart and Happiness

Circulatory pump of our body is heart. Heart is the emtional center of our bodies and where happiness resides. When there are blocakges in the heart center, it is not only physically, but also it could be emotionally. In fact, we know that Physical problems might be related to blockage of blood flow to the heart muscles while emotional problems are related to feeling of sadness.

Nature Heals our Emotion!

Obviously, we have learned that Physical symptoms of heart health problem may include one or some of these signs such as pain in left arm, neck discomfort, arm discomfort, shortness of breath and slow heart rate, fatigue, and chest pain, high Blood Pressure, etc. on the other hand, emotional health problems in particular are hatred, depressed, conditional love, far from nature, unforgiving, loneliness and isolation, anxiety, sad emotions,…

How to bring happiness to our heart? we know that the sooner we address emotional health, the easier to solve the problems. In a holistic health approach, Dr. Shari sufggests 4 core natural health solutions to imrpove health’s health physically and emotionally: these solutions are Physically and emotionally. In order to improve heart’s health physically, the first thing that we hear is:

  • Reduce Animal Fat in diet and consume less sodium and fat in your diet . Also, physical exercise is suggested to increase heart beat and help muscles strength.

Equally imrpotant, Dr. shari suggests emotional health solutions to improve heart health and happiness. For instance, socializing is one of the remotional health soltions. obviously, loving people and staying connected with freinds and family, feeling of forgiveness, compassion, and having better relationship ( no hatred) helps us to keep our emotional health in balance.

In addition, another way to make your heart happy and balnce your emotion is being kind to people and nature surrounding us. If we keep our heart open to humanitarian acts, it leads to better world for ourselves and others. Also, Doing Karma, Donating( time, money, knowledge) to those who are in need, doubles our happiness. Furthermore, Staying connected with nature like Simple walking, going adventure( Ecological Help), and even gardening imrpoves emotional health. Being kind and friendly to the nature and surrounding people keeps our hearts happy. Certainly, loving something beyond ourselves, and unconditional love, makes us Cheerful.

Another way of bringing balance to our emotion center is practicing Yoga therapy. Yoga therapy and balancing chakras helps us in releasing sad emotions, mood change. if you are interested in learning more about Yoga therapy and chakras that Dr. shari offers, click Yoga for Emotional Balance.

Fianlly, hapiness resides in the heart when we are in balance. we have learned that Physical blockage of heart along with emotional imbalance both together lead to hearth health issues. While we watch our physical heart health by watching our diet and the food, we need to pay attetnion to our emotional health that are related to feeling of sadness and depression. Dr. Shari suggests emotional balance solution such as socialozing, gardening, and doing charity work along with practicing yoga therapy. At last, healing is our final goal. when we heal ourselves, we can heal our surrounding world too.

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