Health Story of Dr. Shari’s Client

A new story of client!

Miss L., she is a 38 years old travel nurse and visited Dr. Shari in February 2022. Her health concerns were memory loss, hormonal imbalance , emotional trauma, and anxiety recently. First of f all, she mentioned that she has been suffering dizziness almost every morning. Then, she mentioned that she has had digestive health problems since her childhood . Addiionally, she has had Constipation since she was young. 

In her first visit session, Dr. Shari did iridology for her and she got surprised how she could describe her health problems such as skin problems ( acne), neck pain( mastoid muscle ), weak lymphatic system, pelvic pain, and scoliosis via Iridiology. On top of that, Iridology revealed her lungs and thoracic cavity needed help. As well, there was a sign of acquired intellectual language ( headache , insomnia , dizziness).

Miss L. requested anothe appointment and came back on March 17 for quantum whole ealth evaluation. Dr. shari showed her quantum result while she reviewed almost most of her organs. In fact, she found out more about her weak organs ( pain point) and what to do to repair each of them all in one place.

Miss L. story relates to being a travel nurse and her eager to try natural health solutions for herself first before advising it to her patients. Actually, she worked on night shifts and she was more into holistic instead of a temporary fix of mainstream treatments.

As she mentioned in her health history, her acnes on skin and hormonal imbalance were the main concern to seek natural solutions. In the following of test results, Quantum showed gastric pepsin, gastic peristalsis needed help ( stomach ). In addition, Small intestine malabsorptin and large intestine bacteria needed attention. Her liver fat content was high and heart concern ( vascular elasticity and high cholesterol), liver and gallbladder need help , rheumatoid arthritis tendency and bone mineral ( Alkaline phosphatase ). Furthermore, she needed zinc, vitB6. While toxic pesticide was high and had hair dye allergy. Moreover, Obesity tendency ( abnormal lipid metabolism) , skin grease was high , skin elasticity was low , collagen of hair and skin wass less than normal . Finally, she needed help with digestive systems .

Most of our natural health solutions include all natural ingredients that are non-toxic.

After reviewing of all, She decided to fix most of these helath problems in one place with Dr. shari’s inique holistic health solutions. That is why she bought a package holistic health for Six months and requested her next appointment.

When whole health evaluationas and results were ready, Miss L. visited Dr. shari for her first result session on March 31,2022. As result, Her whole assessment showed Fatty liver, stomach, and intestine needs help to digest and absorb the good food. Also, Thyroid and heart are important while focusing on bones osteoporosis Prevention. 

Finally, if you have been struggling with digestive health problems since your childhood, it is better to pay attention and seek natural health solutions as soon as you can. you might ask why? The answer is that natural health solutions are your best options when you are young. We do not suppress the symptoms. Instead, we resolve root causes of your chronic health issues. Is this what you are looking for? Act now.

Learn from health story of others. Try holistic heealth care pacakges with Dr. shari.

Why choose holistic health as your health care choice: We believe that ;

  • You don’t have to suffer chronic pain and inflammation 
  •  Don’t suffer side effects of drugs 
  • Don’t worry about high cost of hospitalization
  • Enjoy longevity
  • Have a better quality life for yourself and family 
  • Have a positive impact on the world and those who are surrounding you 
  • Be more productive 
  • Create a better world for yourself and others 

Are these what you are interested in?

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Kind Regards,

Dr. Shari 

 Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND)

 Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)



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