Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Heal yourself first!

When you are able to heal yourself first, next you can heal others and finally heal the world at the end. The question is how can we heal ourselves? healing yourself is a skill that everybody needs to learn from his/her childhood. when we are children, we need to learn how to deal with stress and emotional imbalance. That is why it depends on the parents how they raise their kids and teach them what to do when they are under emotional pressure. In fact, dealing with emotional imbalance is an important skill that everybody needs to learn to be able to heal herself/himself first then heal the surrounding world.

Nature Connection

Healing yourself is a skill. Certainly, there are different ways to face emotional distress. Some of the methods that have low cost and it is effective and available almost everywhere include; Connecting more with nature, Verbal expression with friends, and journaling. In particular, nature connection is an effective method to watch the beautiful world of trees and flowers. For example, when you are distress, you can go for a walk, watch the trees and talk to flowers.  Try to pay attention to see how nature renews and heals itself over time in a natural way. In other words, we need to learn from nature to nurture ourselves to regrow again even we have been hurt by others.

We know that we can heal ourselves. Another way of releasing emotional distress is verbal expression. When we express our anger, fear, and frustration verbally to our close family members or even friends, it is a way to lower that tension and find several solutions. As an example, when you are anxious about your future, express it to your family. This expression is a kind of release and discovering solutions

At last, healing yourself is possible with journaling. Journaling is one of the best ways to express, release, and find solutions in a distress situation. Writing what has been going on helps to clear your mind ab to be able to find a logical solution to your own problem. For instance, write down your feeling when you are angry. The journaling has lots of benefits such as helping you express the anger without hurting others, a better understanding of your situation, and finally finding a solution.

In other words, healing ourselves can lead us to be able to heal our surrounding world by nature connection, verbal expression, and journaling. Let’s achieve emotional balance by nature connection, verbal expression, and journaling. The sooner we practice these skills the more effective it is. That is why we need to teach our kids since their childhood how to face distress and emotional balance. When everyone is able to heal herself/ himself, she/ he will be able to heal its surrounding world too. Let’s start today and teach our kids the above skills.

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