Food As Medicine

Have you ever been wondering about how your food can be your medicine?

Are you interested in learning about healing foods that help your body? Do you like healing your own body and mind with good foods? How food choice can play a role your health and happiness? These are the questions that we can ask a naturopath. Doctor of naturopathy, shari, can answer the questions and explain the relationship between food and its healing effects as medicine.

Some foods can have a healing effect on your body. Although all the food that we eat is not the same, some can actually break the healing system. Certainly, all the foods are not the same and its preparation can change its ingredients and its effects. In fact, the way that we prepare food can preserve its vitamin and nutrients or destroy it.

Food as Medicine

As we know, food preservation can be freezing, heating, or adding preservatives. For example, The way we preserve the fruits is different sometimes we freeze strawberries, sometimes we boil and make strawberry jam. In case we add a preservative to increase its life shelf life, it’s the point to pay attention to it. As we know some preservatives are chemicals that our natural body does not know what they are! those chemical preservatives are dangerous and can become toxins for the body. Here is what we need to think about whether this food is medicine to the body or not!

Food is a natural medicine to the body when it is natural and its ingredients are nutritious. Nutrientual food ingredients have the main healing effects on our bodies. Finally, healing foods are the best natural medicine for your body. Let’s preserve our nutritional foods in the correct way.

Learning about healing foods help to prevent illnesses. If you have any questions, ask Shari, Doctor of Naturopathy,

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