Fight flu with Natural Remedies

Have you been wondering how you can fight flu with natural remedies? Flu in winter has been common since human has been around. Certainly human has resolved her problems with different solutions. Flu is a common diseases in winter and according to what we know there are some signs and symptoms of Flu.

Especailly, there are some of common signs and symtoms of flu that might be different in everybody. For examples, some flu signs such as Fever, Headache, Runny nose, Muscle ache, chills, Fatigue. Also, some of other symptoms are

  • Nasal: congestion, Runny nose, or sneezing
  • Also common: Head congestion, headache, sore throat, chest pressure, shortness of breath
  • Cough can be dry or with phlegm
  • Whole body: fatigue, fever, flushing, sweating, dehydration, chills, body ache
  • Is has been proofed that we can prevent flu in early stages. Escpecailly , if the flu is in the first or sencond stage we can prevent it with natural remedies. Natural remdies work well in flu prevention if we avoid objections. Unfortunately, there are some objections that holds us back. As an example, we do neglection to apply natural remedies or sometimes we postpone the prevention because we do not believe in it. In fact, those objections can lead to unpredictable body reactions and worsen the flu symptoms.

Figh flu with Natural Remedies

  • Fortunately, we can fight flu with natural remedies. Especially, there are some natural remedies that has been tried and worked well if we act soon. The main point is that we need to practice it consistently. In particular to fight flu, we can use Food as Medicine. As an example, Soup ( chicken soup with Raw onion, parsley,and Basil) is one the foods to strengthen immune system. Actually, it has been advised to avoid fried foods when we have flu symptoms.
  • Additionally, we can consume fruits that are source of Vitamin C such as pine apple  to strengthen our immune system and fight the germs. As well as, herbal medicine is helpful. For instance,  Sage leaves is one the natural remedies for respiratory ysstem. ( sage leaves helps in excessive mucus discharges of lungs, sinuses, throat, and all mucus membrane.
  • Another natural remedies that we can mention is Breathing Exercise( More air in & out of lungs, simply breath in through your nose and breath out at least twice a as long as long through your mouth).
  • Finally, Rest is healing. let your body heal itself while takeing more rest.
  • In fact, there are some advanatages of applying natural remedies in the first stage of flu. As result, some of the signs and symptoms of flu disappears without becomming too severe when we use natural remedies in the first place. To illustrate , Some of the great advantages of applying natural medicine are listed here;
  • Restoring your internal and external Health
  • Helping to discover the underlying root causes of your disease, not just suppressing the symptoms
  • Doing detoxification and reducing inflammation with natural remedies
  • Healing your whole body (not only physically but also mentaly and emotionally( rest).
  • Physician as a teacher( Major role is to educate and encourage to take responsibility).

Finally, Applying natural remedies to fight Flu in winter especially in the first stage is one of your best health care choices. According to what we know about signs and symptoms of Flu, we can help the body heal itself by applying natural remedies ontime without any objections. In deed, some natural solutions such as food as a medicine, herbal products and correct breathing and rest will help to manage the flu progression. At last, trying natural remeides is worthy of trial for inflmmation reduction and detoxification. Natural remdies are suggested by naturoaths, if you like asking questions, contact Docotr shari, for any question. If you like learning more, subscribe to

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