Fibromyalgia & Natural Solutions

Fibromyalgia, Muscles pain, Fatigue and Natural health Solutions !

If you have been struggling with widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and sleep disorder, these are some signs of fibromyalgia. Have you been tried of mainstream treatments unsuccessfully? If your answer is yes, Why don’t you start trying natural health solutions! What if you could help yourself when you knew what to do and what to avoid? Here are some of the questions you may ask;

  • Why should we pay attention to fibromyalgia when we are young?
  • What are the root causes of Fibromylagia?
  • What mistakes to avoid if you believe in natural health solutions?
  • How holistic health care is a good option to resolve fibromyalgia over the long term period?

In regard to above question, we can consider some of below answers according to Dr. Shari’s Holistic health approach.

Why is fibromyalgia important?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic  health condition that leads to long term signs and symptoms. You may ask what symptoms are warning signs of fibromyalgia. Specifically, One of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia includes Pain stiffness all over the body. For example, chronic pain in arms, legs, head, chest, abdomen,…it could be aching, burning, throbbing.

Another common symptom of fibromyalgia is Pain and Joint stiffness. It could be related to Autoimmune diseases. Imagine if you could heal yourself with natural remedies. In any event, you may ask what the best solutions are to help yourself get rid of pain without side effects.

Have you ever thought about some root causes?

According to the holistic health approach, root causes of fibromyalgia are either related to physical body or psychological aspect of health. Consider Emotional stress and psychological aspects of your health to prevent

Detox immune system

What mistakes to avoid if you believe in natural health solutions?

When you know what to avoid and practice it, you will get a positive result. When we ignore it, we have to pay the price unfortunately !Postponing leads to long term pain.In particular, If you have been struggling with fibromyalgia, you need to avoid some mistakes to lower your risk. What are those mistakes?

First mistake about fibromyalgia ; Avoid excessive exercise especially when you have been STRUGGLING with chronic fatigue. second suggestion is; Do not ignore your pain! pay attention to resolve root causes of your

  • Avoid having caffeine especially when you have been STRUGGLING with chronic fatigue even though your tendency is different.
  • pay attention to resolve root causes of your pain with natural health  solutions. Holistic health solutions will resolve root causes of fatigue and Fibromyalgia .

Do not suffer from fatigue any more, invest in your natural health. Choose holistic health solutions to resolve root causes of fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Call for a free

What to do?

According to a research, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue is a precursor to Multiple Sclerosis. In deed, those who struggle with fibromyalgia have higher risks. Their risks increases three times to be diagnosed with MS.

As has been noted, the best solution to address some root causes of fibromyalgia is holistic health care. Why?! Holistic health care consider the physical, emotional and mental health of each person. Good news is that either one can be prevented with my unique all inclusive holistic health solutions.

🙏 Imagine if you can prevent fibromyalgia since from your childhood. What if we could apply natural solutions that have no side effects.

Why choose Holistic  health? How holistic health care is a good option to resolve fibromyalgia over the long term period?

Honestly,  holistic health is one of your best healthcare options to prevent Fibromyalgia. Holistic health is especially about improving your whole health, physically, mentally and spiritually. In fact,  lifestyle change and using natural remedies are effective solutions to help your body repair itself and improve its organ’s functions. .

You don’t have to suffer! Call Dr. Shari who is a holistic health doctor to help you with 15 min free phone consultation and prevent Fibromyalgia . Click Here, It’s FREE. She will guide you how to  repair your body without any deficiency.  If you love your body and want to help to improve it’s function forever,Take Dr. Shari’s Natural Health Journey.

🙏After following  Dr. Shari’s unique holistic health program will balance your minerals, improve immunity function, Detox your body, lower Inflammation, lose weight, enhance your mood, become happier, and more energized over time. Indeed, we help your body repair itself instead of toxicating it over time.

🥗We believe you got to love your body and respect it to improve its function. There is no fight !

By the way, Doctor Shari is a doctor of naturopathy and an experienced yoga therapist. In addition, she also  teaches Yoga for Fibromyalgia! Let yoga heal you!  Especially, some healing yoga postures stimulate better function, lower stress, and improve immune function.Therefore, you will be able to help yourself.

Finally, It is about your choice. For that reason, make sure you are choosing a correct program that does not hurt your body. Isn’t your goal to help your body improve its function ! If you like healing not only your body but also your mind and spirit, try Dr. Shari’s holistic health program.

In this program, you will be re-energized( no fatigue any more) , having a restful sleep at night, boosting your memory, and improving your quality of life over time while saving lots of energy and money. Finally, Fibromyalgia prevention is possible and once it is done correctly, you will get a long lasting reward !

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Kind Regards,
Dr. Shari
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND)
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)


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