Why Fatty liver?

Why fatty liver? Are you busy mom who has been suffering nausea and and wondering why your skin turns yellowish color over time ?

Do you feel your sugar carving has increased and feeling fatigue is not normal ?

Have you ever wondered what kind of health problem you may have and what the effective real solutions are?

Has overcoming obesity been one of your stubborn struggles for several months?

Do you know stubborn obesity is related to fatty liver?

You may ask what fatty liver is! Simply, we can say fatty liver is accumulated fat around liver cells. Also, you may ask;” what are the root causes of a fatty liver?”

As we know, fatty liver is more prevalent in those who consume excess carbohydrates.

There are two kind of fatty liver; Alcoholic and non-alcoholic .In fact, alcoholic fatty liver is related to excess alcohol consumption while non-alcoholic fatty liver relates to excess carb consumption.

In deed, one of the most common non-alcoholic fatty liver is in connection with too much carbs in the system. In the meantime, those extra carbs turn to fat in the system.

Do you know that liver has the capacity to create new fat calls? Here is the process that contained fructose in processed beverages and foods goes straight to liver and converts to fat. In deed, the fat cells surrounds liver and increases inflammation in the body. One of the signs of fatty liver is a growing belly that we call it pot belly.

You may ask; what are the symptoms of fatty liver?

Honestly, fatty liver is a more common chronic health problem in western countries these days. If you have been feeling nauseous after eating heavy meals, it’s one of the symptoms of fatty liver. Additionally, right shoulder pain, swelling in legs, filling of fullness on the right abdomen, and loss of appetite are other symptoms. Furthermore, jaundice or yellowish skin color, extreme fatigue, high triglyceride, and heart palpitation are the ones we need to pay attention as soon as we can.


Learn why fatty liver is important to pay attention. How to get rid of it?

Some other sign of fatty liver that people have experienced are :

  • Dandruf or scalp flame ( liver does not process vitamin B12)
  • Chicken skin: small bumps on your hair follicle particularly on arms or thighs,
  • Swelling in right leg
  • Spider angioma: swollen veins in different parts of body
  • Red palms: body is not processing estrogen correctly, enlargement of capillaries
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In particular, liver normally contains a little bit of fat. If we do not pay attention to fatty liver, it can lead to cell damage over time and create scar tissues. In this stage, we call it cirhosis. As result of increased scar tissues in liver instead of healthy of ones, the flow of blood to the liver slows down and it disturbs detoxification from drugs and chemicals. As a consequence, toxin accumulation in the body leads to other degenerative diseases.

Why fatty liver is important to pay attention in the first stage? As we know , deposits of fat causes liver enlargement while it leads to liver fibrosis( scar tissue forms=more cell injury) over time. Finally, cirhhosis ( scar tissues on liver )causes liver malfunction, slows detoxification, and ends in degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Who are more at high risks to get fatty liver?

People who have been suffering diabetes type 2( Insulin resistant), obesity( hypertrophy of fat cells), cardiac diseases, and high Triglyceride are more at higher risks to experience complications of fatty liver. Though some people may not show symptoms, they struggle with hidden fatty liver, too.

How to avoid Faty liver ?

Good news is that Fatty liver is reversible but we need to consider addressing the risk factors and root causes. Certainly, one of the advantages of my unique holistic health approach is that it discovers root causes of your fatty liver problem. Especially, it gives you the best non-harming solutions to resolve your health problems.

As an example one of the natural health solutions to prevent a fatty liver problem is changing your diet. Try to avoid GMO food, eat organic, and use less pesticides. Moreover, maintain your healthy weight. On top of that, cut excessive consumption of processed foods and concentrated beverages that are loaded with sugar.

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You will get help how to Prevent Chronic Health Conditions: how to change your diet, what plant remedy to use, what vitamins, what exercise to get rid of fatty liver and other degenerative diseases in future.

Obviously, if we want to reverse fatty liver, You need to consult with a holistic health expert like Dr. shari who has been in the preventive health care field for more than 20 years. She will help you how to help your liver to regenerate new cells. How to do liver cleansing and get rid of a fatty liver

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