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Have you suffered fatigue for long time? What solution did you choose to fight fatigue? Considering our solutions options matters a lot in our future health. Obviously, having enough energy is one aspect our physical health. As we know, all part of our bodies ( muscles, brain, heart, etc.) need energy to work. This energy comes from the food we eat. Certainly, when digestive system is healthy, stomach digests foods, foods breaks down well and it will be absorbed very well.

Although the kind of food we eat matters, it depends on how our digestive system digests and absorbs vitamins and minerals. In fact, how we digest and absorb food depends on our whole health condition. Some times, we eat good foods but the body is not able to absorb the great vitamins and minerals. Especially, food digestion and absorption becomes more challenging as we get older. Fortunately, We have different solutions to choose.

sugar and diabetes

The solutions we choose depends on what we prefer. Obviously, we have two options to face fatigue. The options are either suppress the symptoms or find the root causes of health problems. It is common that often people prefer to suppress the symptoms and follow the mainstream treatments.

Unfortunately, suppressing the symptoms over time leads to other health issues. As an example, when we feel fatigue and have less energy, we suppress it by drinking coffee. The worse it gets, the more coffee we drink. Additionally, we add sugar and chocolates to it. By the way, some people choose to drink energy drink that is a full source of chemicals.

In fact, fatigue is a symptom of underlying diseases in my holistic health approach. when we suppress the fatigue symptoms, we tell our bodies to avoid showing the warning. In reality, we ignore the warning signs that our bodies repeats it frequently. Although we feel fatigue, we suppress it either by drinking a coffee or an energy drink.

Another option that we have when we face recurrent fatigue is to discover the underlying root causes of the fatigue problem. Obviously, it is not easy to find out what are the causes of fatigue but if you are motivated it is possible. Certainly, every problems has a solution. why don’ the choose the solutions to solve the root causes of the problems? Natural health solutions are your other option from holistic health approach.

As we have learned, suppressing the symptoms leads to chronic diseases that are hard to cure. For example, when we suppress the chronic fatigue syndrome, it can end up to diabetes. Unfortunately, it is common when we feel lack of energy, we drink coffee with some sugar. We try to get the energy and get back to work.

The bad news is that we are suppressing that feeling of fatigue with caffein and sugar. Especially, the more we get used to it and it becomes our daily habits, the less we can feel what we are doing with our own bodies. Often, suppressing the fatigue syndrome leads to other health problems. Finally after a few years, we are notified that signs and symptoms of diabetes are going on.

At last, our choice of either suppressing the fatigue symptoms or discovering the underlying cause of the fatigue problems matters a lot. Definitely, we have the power to choose to go with mainstream treatment or choose natural and holistic health solutions. Dr. Shari’s holistic health solutions to fatigue guides you how to be reenergized naturally. Eventually, She helps your body to repair itself and become able to revitalize itself naturally.

It is all about your choice how to take care of your present health condition. You have an option of holistic health approach to invest in your future wellbeing, Let start it now! Contact Dr. shari at 949-500-2984 for Free phone consultation. If you like to check website, click here

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