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Have you been struggling with allergies? Imagine if you could become allergy free with all inclusive natural and effective solutions.

Here is a health story of one of my recent clients who has been suffering allergic reactions and found natural solutions;

Miss R. came to me with itchy eyes for the first session Visit in December 2021. She was a 63 years old mom who had been struggling with eye itching while she was tired of taking Antibiotics for several months.

Indeed, she had a stroke in 2016 and her right eyelid got in trouble. That was why the droopy right eyelid looked like a smaller eye. Even though she did an eyelid lift that is a beauty surgery, it only lasted for one year.

After a year, her right eyelid turned droopy again as the same as before.  Although her eyesight is great, eye itchiness bothers her a lot once in awhile.For this reason, she seeks holistic health solutions to resolve her eyes itchiness.

Here is what I, as a naturopath,  did for her;

When she came to me to discover the root causes of her health problem , I did a whole health evaluation. In the beginning, she mentioned in her health history that she has had sinus infection and has been struggling with itchy throat while she avoided getting covid vaccine.

I started evaluating her and  did iridology to find out whether the inflammation is related to her allergic reaction or not!  Indeed, her Iridology test revealed that  Miss R. immune system is overactive. Certainly, I found out that her lymphatic system was engaged.

After the first session of whole health evaluation, I analyzed her physical, emotional and mental health. When we met up for the first result session, I explained what I have found out about her health condition one at a time and gave her all natural solutions including diet change, vitamins, plant remedies,  and healing exercise.

On her second result session( Jan 6th, 2022) , after she took most of the phase one supplements for about 30 days, she was happy that her headache was gone and she did not have experienced a headache this month( it was her first positive result of following my holistic health solutions). She said that she feels more positive and tries to repeat positive  affirmation every morning and night. Although her eye itchiness occurs less frequently, it’s not gone yet.  She felt that she still needed to work on it because it was only a month after practicing natural health solutions.

She  mentioned that she has changed her diet and I advised her how to change her lunch and dinner diet. In addition, I recommended what  to have before breakfast. Since she still needed help with insomnia,  I suggested she apply natural aromas before going to sleep. She mentioned that she loves aromatherapy and absolutely will use aromas to calm down her mind at night. In particular, she was more interested in learning about chakra balancing  ( physical and psychological aspects of health).

After two months of practicing what I thought Miss R, she called me on Feb 24th.  She mentioned that although she has less itchiness in her eyes, she sometimes suffers acid reflux and indigestion. She complained that her sleep problem was still there.

Surely, I reminded her that natural solutions are effective when you have patience to practice regularly. I told her that she needs to be persistent on what she is doing to get the best outcomes. In the meantime, she just passed phase one of the healing period that was only 30 days. In fact, her next phase would be phase two with more focus on hormonal balance ( pineal gland hormonal balance). After passing phase three which takes about six months, she would feel the real effective results when she practices my solutions regularly. In brief, holistic health is about patience to practice and get results!

Choose Natural Health to be Pain-free

Here is some educational notes according to my experience:

It is good to know that a simple allergy starts with a dust allergy and gradually becomes worse over time when we ignore it.

Do you know suppressing the allergy symptoms like itchiness does not resolve the root cause of your allergy . symptom suppression is only a temporary relief to external reactions.

Allergies are a kind of warning that your body tells you to pay attention to. Now, it’s up to you how you pay attention to it? Do you suppress it or treat the root causes of it!

If you have been suffering allergies for a while, the best solution is to see a naturopathic doctor who can help you to resolve the root causes of your allergy problems.

For this purpose, I will help you to discover the root causes and give you the best of all natural effective solutions to get rid of allergy problems. You don’t have to suppress the symptoms, act now.

First decide, next take action. Finally, start helping yourself with natural remedies. Do not postpone! Educate yourself that natural solutions work and have less side effects than other options. Take action now. Get up and take one step at a time. I am here to support you.

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Kind Regards,
Dr. Shari
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND)
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)

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