Customer Testimonials:

“I just wanted to say thank you for being there, and helping me be healthier and the way I’m at today. I wish I could find her earlier.”

Bunny Yazemideh

Dr. Shari helped me realize what I was doing well and gave me additional advice how to replace my food, what vitamin and herbs to take to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way!”

Lisa Brown

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Testimonials in orange county california

“I am a 39 year old female. I suffered from fatty liver, Thyroid Troubles and allergies. I preferred alternative medicine and found Dr. shari. She is amazing and she though me healing foods for my thyroid troubles and Digestive system. A significant improvement of my health is unbelievable. My food allergy is gone although it took me six months. Dr. shari’s vast knowledge is unique. I recommend her to my friends and family.”

Allison F.


“I have had Prostate issues for about two years and tried different medications. I could not sleep at night because of frequent urination feeling. After following shari’s guidance in four months, without taking my prostate medication, I could have a peaceful sleep without waking up to urinate.”

Steve. R