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Holistic Helath and Client’s Feedbacks:

“I just wanted to say thank you for being there, and helping me be healthier and the way I’m at today. I wish I could find Dr. Shari earlier.”, Bunny Yazemideh said.

Dr. Shari helped me realize what I was doing well and gave me additional advice on how to make my food as medicine, what vitamin and herbs to take to lose weight and stay in a shape!”, Lisa Brown said

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Kristen says:”I am a 39-year-old female. I suffered from fatty liver, Thyroid Troubles, and allergies. I preferred alternative medicine and found Dr. shari. She is amazing and she though me healing foods for my thyroid troubles and Digestive system. A significant improvement in my health is unbelievable. My food allergy is gone although it took me six months. Dr. Shari’s vast knowledge is unique. I recommend her to my friends and family.”, Allison F. said

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Fred says: “I have had Prostate issues for about two years and tried different medications. I could not sleep at night because of my frequent urination feeling. After following shari’s guidance in four months, without taking my prostate medication, I could have a peaceful sleep without waking up to urinate.”

Alex: “I tried Ozon therapy with Dr. Shari. It was an amazing experience since Dr. Shari evaluated my whole health first. She recommended natural modalities that were the best fit for my own specific health condition. After eight weeks of taking my supplement regularly,  I can feel a huge difference in having more energy during the day. I am hoping that I reverse aging and prevent cancer in the future. Dr. Shari is amazingly caring and knowledgable that I recommend to everybody.”, Alex S. Said. 

Fatimah: “I have had severe lower back pain on and off for more than 3 years. My medical doctor advised me to try Swiming pool classes. I took Shari’s Aqua classes at La fitness. Although I did exercise regularly, my lower back pain was back for a while. In the meantime, Dr. Shari suggested seeing her and follow her natural health advice.

Dr. Shari di my whole health evaluation and recommended to take some vitamins to overcome some deficiencies. Actually, It has been more than three months that I write this.  I can feel my lower back did not get worse and gradually getting better. I hope with my patience my lower back pain disappears soon. ” Fateme said.

Customer Review

Arezu said: ” When I visited Dr. Shari’s office in January, I had a bloated digestive system, my hormones were out of balance and have lots of emotional issues. I was hopeless that I never can recover from all of these health issues. Dr. Shari emphasized that if I follow up on what she teaches and recommends to me, I would feel the results. I promised that I would follow and I did. Now, after 5 months of practicing what DR. shari Taught me, I see such a huge change in my digestive system and my mood. I can not believe how holistic health works! It makes a huge difference in my family life too when I changed my diet as a mother of the family, my whole family diet has changed since I cook and prepare food for my husband and kids. Finally, I recommend Dr. Shari’s visit to all of my family and friends who want to create a positive change in their health. “

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Rudy Review

Mr. Rudy’s Feedback, August 4th. 2020: “I feel so much better and I don’t need to go and see my other doctors. My bood presure is regulated and I am off of my other blood pressure medications. I have been taking three Blood pressure medicine and after a month of following Dr. shari’s protocols, my doctor suggested that I can be off of all of them.

Miss Teresa F. Said: “I just want to say that Dr. shari has helped my husband and I more ways that I can express. She is a beautiful person inside out. Her knowledge and comitment to our health and to help us get better is remarkable. So I am very greatful and I am looking forward to getting better and bettor. ” August 5th 2020

Gilma’s feedback:” I am so greatful to find Dr. shari. She is an amazing natural health doctor aho gave me hope and guided me how to create a better future for my health and happiness. Dr. Shari adressed my digestive health issues. I was on antibiotics for more than six months with other doctors and i got worse every day. When I found Dr. shari on google search and met her at the office she was like a mircale to me. She could found out what was going on inside my body. I did not need any anibiotics any more. My stomach and digestion got better, I did not have bloating and gassiness any more. After a month i could feel how mt memory has improved and i could concentrate better. My brain was not foggy any more. I am so thankful of Dr. Shari and recommend her to my friends. “

Gilma’s Feedback

Ar Dl.’s Health Story:

I have had digestive health issues since my childhood. when I was 16 years old, I remember that I could not eat every food that I liked. Some times, I had feeling of nauseous or vomiting. I was worried a lot ! Since my family has had a health history of cancer, dementia and autoimmune diseases, I have become more concerned about my own health. Actually, I tried some mainstream treatments for my digestive health issues and diarrhea when I was middle aged. Unfortunately, I suffered side effects of antibiotics and honestly I did not like it. One day, I decided to try homeopathy and found one of the best homeopaths in Los Angeles area to visit.

After following my homeopath for more than 10 years, my digestive health got a little better. My homeopath suggested me to limited some of the foods from my diet like milk and meat. I was good for while after limiting my gluten and dairy intake but it did not last long and I got into eczema. In the meantime, my allergic reactions got worse over time and I did not know what to do. My homeopath prescribed some of homeopathic remedies but it’s effect was short term. My eczema was going on on and off. Eczema started from my legs with so much itchiness and gradually spread to my neck. I could not sleep because of itchiness.

By the way, when I got into my menopause, ovarian system was another issue. Some of my cysts were calcified and I was suffering lots of pain in my lower back. in this stage, my homeopath could do nothing! In the meanwhile, I started practicing yoga 3 times regularly. Honestly, yoga helped me to manage my pain and deal with my hormonal imbalance and mood changes but I was still suffering my digestive problems. I love eating my favorite foods like rice and kabob but if I ate it, I would die of stomach pain and my itchy eczema. I have to quit lots of my favorite foods to avoid pain and itchiness. I was looking for solutions for my health problem until I found Dr. shari.

A friend of mine suggested to consult with Dr. shari since she is a naturopath and she has a holistic health approach. I called her and she gave me an appointment to meet at her office. Although I have to drive for 90 mixtures from the ending to Newport Beach, I believe it was worthy. Dr. shari could discover my chronic health issues though Iridiology without telling my history. She could see though my eyes what is going on! it was an amazing surprise to me. she promised me that she can resolve my eczema problem form roots to the top and I will be able to eat my favorite foods again. She mentioned that if I continue limiting my foods, I will get into more deficiencies and that lead to more health problems over time. On the second visit, Dr. Shari started her treatment protocol for me and emphasized that if I follow what she teaches, I will get the results. In fact, I committed to follow and practice what she teaches. she promised that the first signs of healing results will come to me in 90 days.

Finally, It has been 70 days after starting a natural health program with Dr. Shari. In the present moment,  I feel that I am more balanced, life is coming back to my eyes, I do not have diarrhea any more and my bowel movement is more regular than before. One of the best results that I got from Dr. Shari’s healing program is that my sleep got so much better. I can have relaxing sleep at night while I could not have it 6 months ago. My digestive health has improved, no gassiness any more although I eat beans and lentils. Another great positive outcome of Dr. Shari’s protocol is that my Eczema is almost gone. I was suffering from eczema on my neck and legs but my neck eczema has gone even though it’s been 70 days since I followed D. Shari’s protocol. I am looking forward to better results over time. I am so happy to find Dr. shari. She is one of the best natural Doctors I have ever had. Thank you Dr. Shari!