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From alternative medicine to herbal remedies, Natural Health & Yoga LLC. has them all. No matter what health issue you are dealing with, I will strive to provide you with first-rate solutions and use my expertise as a naturopathic doctor to help you. To make an inquiry or request a holistic health consultation, reach out to me via phone, email, or the form on this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Here is what clients tell us about their experience with Natural Health and yoga:

Yoga to heal yourself

Fred:” I wish I could found Dr. Shari earlier so I did not suffer so many health issues at the present moment. she helped me to find out that my emotions has impacts on my body”

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Cristy said: ” Doctor Shari helped find the root cause of my colon issues. She taught me how to take care of myself, so I do not need to go to different doctors and change medicines.


Fatime: ” Doctor Shari Guided me to discover the underlying root causes of my chronic lower back pain issues. She taught me how to help my whole body heal itself. I go to her office regularly. Dr. Shari taught me life habits to improve my health.  Actually, the money that I spent on prevention is worthy because I do not have to pay for surgery and other treatment along with lots of pain .”

Drink Water

Alex Said:” Doctor Shari helped me with my digestive system. He has vast knowledge and could answer most of my questions. She practices Iridology in Newport beach and She did Ozone therapy for me. I loved the relaxation along with magnet therapy and Ozone therapy. It was perfect to have all the natural care services in one place.  I wish I could go to her office every week. ”