Constipation and Natural Health Solutions

What are the differences between natural health solutions for constipation with the main stream treatments? How does natural health solutions make changes in our whole health? How can do we know whether we have constipation or not? what are the advantages of natural health solutions and why? These are the questions that we might ask. Let’s discover more about our options to find solutions for constipation.

According to what we know, Constipation means not having frequent bowel movements ( at least two times a day).Can you believe that constipation is one of the most common digestive complaint in U.S population? If you have had pain points such as abdominal pain, cramping of bowels and gas pains, feeling like stool remains in the rectum but can not pass, feeling of heaviness in the stomach and abdominal regions, aching feeling in the back, you need today attention to the warning pains so it will not be a chronic health problem.

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Additionally, constipation often occurs with passing fewer than three stools in a week. The question is what are the constipation symptoms? Have you been struggling with any oof these? having hard or lumpy stools, Straining to have bowel movements, feeling as though three is a blockage in your rectum that prevents bowel movements, feeling as though you can’t completely empty the stool from your rectum.

Once we have pain, we are looking for some solutions. Unfortunately the main stream treatments are over the counter medications. The problem with those medications are that most of them are temporary relief and those are not the real solutions according to holistic health approach. For instance here is a list of what main stream constipation treatment prescribe. Actually, we can compare it with holistic health approach and choose our options.

  • Laxative stimulants are common treatment for constipation. According to holistic health approach, laxatives are not safe for long term—overuse can lead to dependency and decreased bowel movements.
  • Lubricant laxatives are another mainstream treatment for constipation but it is a temporary relief. the problem is that it does not solve the roots of the elimination problem.
  • Stool softener that is over the counter oral liquid has been prescribed for chronic constipation. According to holistic health doctors, the frequent intake of stool softeners leads to side effects such as throat irritation, stomach pain, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea.

As we notice, all of above main stream prescrptions are temporary relief for the chronic constipation symptoms. If we do not care about side effects and keep taking those over the counter or prescribed treatments frequently, we are suppressing the symptoms. In reality, the chronic constipation is a painful symptom and your body sends you the warning symptoms. Actually, your body needs your attention. Unfortunately, suppressing those warnings and neglecting chronic constipation symptoms can leads to un predictable diseases such as colorectal cancer.

That is why my recommendation as an expert in holistic health is to apply natural solutions in order to achieve desired outcomes like healing constipation, regular flow and healthy digestive system function. Here are some of the advantages of holistic health solutions; Clearly, natural health solutions have no side effects while it can have benefits .

  • For this purpose, natural health solutions are your options that have some advantages such as ;
  • Prevent and even Treat the chronic constipation over time.
  • Improves Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Boosts Immune System( Reduce Allergy, Eczema)
  • Increases Nutrition Absorption for vitamin and mineral deficiency any more)
  • Helps Manage Weight in a Healthy Way
  • Improves Mental Health Condition( depression prevention)

Fo this reason, natural health solutions that are presented by holistic health counselors are the real solution to solve chronic constipation from the roots to the top. Dr. shari who is a board certified holistic health counselor teaches practical natural solutions. Here are the advantages of what she offers;

*All inclusive natural solution, one stop shop for your whole health revolution, mental health and emotional health

* Prevent Most of future diseases and  cancer, Improve quality of life without suffering side effects

She guides you through natural health journey. It’s process is easy to follow and you will get Dr. Shar’s support to take action, practice, and get desired results.

On the whole, there are different packages available according to your budgets. different packages are affordable and accessible for every body. The younger you are the more effective it will be. See the packages HERE.

Certainly, natural health solutions for Constipation have some advantages. As an example, One of those advantages is it’s all inclusive. Once you choose natural, you can prevent future chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. The other advantages of natural health solution for the Constipation is that it is not temporary releif. It helps your body to repair from roots to the top. Actually, natural is real healing

Finally, if we practice natural health solutions for constipation, we can prevent colorectal cancer by practicing the real natural solution and get rid of Constipation. Honestly, natural solutions for Constipation are effective when we practice it regularly and it becomes our habits over time. If you committed to learn more details, Feel free to ask your questions. We are looking forward to helping you heal yourself naturally.

Natural health solutions by Dr. Shari from #naturalhealthandyoga

constipation and natural health solutions


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