Chocolate Craving and Solutions

Have you been craving sugar and chocolates and do not care about it ? Are you a busy mom and have been looking for solutions to get rid of your chocolate and sugar craving ?

Do you know that long term chocolate craving can lead to other health problems such as heart attack ? Science shows that health problems such as neuromuscular problems, high cholesterol are also related to chronic chocolate craving habits.

Imagine if you could discover the root causes of your chocolate craving and find the healthy replacement.

Discover natural health solutions for suhar craving!

In fact, sugar craving is important. If you want to prevent heart health problems, you need to address your chocolate craving especially if it has been going for several months. Obviously, the younger you are , the beter you can prevent chronic illnesses.

Would you visulaize you could manage your appetite to replace your Chocolate craving with the healthy options? Do you know one of the healthy solutions is having an apple ?

As an example, replacing apple pieces instead of chocolate can meet the vitamin needs of your body. In fact, It can prevent other health problems such as premature skin wrinkles and diabetes . Do you want real natural solutions to meet the needs of your body get rid of chocolates craving? If you like to watch my youtibe video , click

In order to help yur self and reduce your sugar craving, another example is taking almonds. Visualize if you could replace your Chocolate craving with the healthy snacks such as almonds ! Certainly, replacing your sugary snack with healthy almonds can meet the mineral needs of your body and reduce your chocolate craving.

Additionally, when you manage your sugar craving , you can prevent other health problems such as blood sugar imbalance and diabetes in middle age.

If you are the one who is tired of mainstream treatments for diabetes, Pay attention on diabtes prevention. For that reason, I suggest to try more natural halth solutions that are non-harming and have no side effects. If you like learning more healthy options to help yourself and prevent diabetes, ask me How?

I am a doctor of naturopathy. I will help you with my unique all inclusive natural health solutions to get rid of sugar craving and prevent diabetes. In deed,  I offer some free resources to help yourself with natural and non-harming solutions. You don’t have to suffer diabetes in future, Act now and overcome your sugar craving. I created a small free Ebook to help ypu heal yourself. If ypu want my eBOOK, EMAIL me back at or Click here to get it.

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Dr. Shari 

Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy(ND)

Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor 

Certified Yoga Therapist ( 1000HR)


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