Prevent Cancer

Have you ever thought about cancer prevention?  What is the relationship between lifestyle and cancer? Here are other questions that you may ask;

1. What does prevention mean?

2. What is cancer?

3. What are the sources of Cancer?

4. How can I  Prevent Cancer?

5. What are the links between my lifestyle and cancer

Cancer prevention is one of the most important health topic these days. Do you know that Cancer is the second-greatest cause of death in the western and wealthy world? In the United States, one in three people is diagnosed with cancer during their lives and unfortunately one in four dies from cancer.

In fact, we know that cancer treatment or chemical therapy is so costly.  Why don’t we prevent it? Actually, Prevention of cancer from occurrence is the only sensible approach in holistic health.

Lifestyle and Cancer

Dr. Shari, as a naturopathic doctor, believes that cancer can be controlled by primary prevention in every stage of life. The earlier we prevent cancer the more effective it is.

According to natural health approach, natural health practitioners educate people on how to switch and choose a healthy lifestyle. Following a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways that we can hope to reduce cancer occurrence.

Finally, a  naturopathic doctor teaches you how to prevent cancer, how to help yourself, how to heal your body naturally, how to detox, how to develop a strong immune system to fight cancer from the beginning.

Choose natural health care before being too late!

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