AutoImmune Diseases and Prevention

Autoimmune disease affects a vast number of individuals across the United States, predominantly women, but the medical community has yet to determine the root cause. 

Autoimmune diseases are not only affecting physical body but also it can affect emotional and mental health. As an example, it can lead to sadness and anxiety. 

Unfortunately, the immune system has the ability to attack healthy tissue, resulting in the development of serious conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Currently, there are over 80 various autoimmune diseases, and while the scientific community believes genetics could potentially play a key role in the development of such afflictions, it is a topic that requires further investigation.This could be a big problem since we just suppress the symptoms in modern medicine instead of discovering the root causes behind the auto-immune diseases. 

Moreover, COVID-19 has demonstrated that it may increase the chances of developing autoimmune diseases, which only underscores the importance of continued research in the field. Despite the widespread impact of autoimmune diseases, diagnoses can be challenging given the comparable symptoms presented in other medical conditions.

How to prevent Auto-immune diseases?
How to prevent Auto-immune diseases?

What is my solution? I as a Doctor of naturopathy who has been in health care filed for more than twenty years and my focus is chronic diseases prevention. As you know, there are three kinds of prevention. 

I suggest lifestyle change in order to prevent auto-immune diseases as soon as we can.  Lifestyle change that starts with whole person health evaluation helps each person with more self awareness. Once we know what our weakness are, we can help ourselves better. As an example, When I know my liver function has issues, I can prevent further progression of liver malfunction in young age. 

I believe my solutions are unique since it is customized for each person. After whole health evaluation and analysis are done, I can guide you with unique diet according to your blood type, organs function, health constitution, vitamin needs, and etc.

Stress in different kinds such as fear, anxiety, and sad emotion are the most important emotional imbalance. If it becomes  chronic, emotional imbalance leads to weaker immune system.  For example, long term sad emotions hurts the immune system, suppressed emotions at the heart chakra, shows sign of shoulder pain, lack of strength in arms, lastly,, inflamed lymphatic glands and weak immune  system. 

If we do not pay attention to the under arm and shoulder pain and suppress it with pain killers, after a while we notice chronic diseases related to immune system such as cancer. 

In addition, I teach how to balance your emotion and mind with yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques. 

You might ask about my background,

  • Let me Re-introduce myself; I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR). I have been teaching health and fitness classes since 2004.  My passion of healing drove me to stay in health care field for more than 20 years.  I have done various research( one of my research article  about effects of yoga on mental health published in NIH Journal). Also, I worked at NIH for several years as an instructor. In addition, my published book( answer to cancer) can be found on have taught different health and nutrition classes in orange county colleges. As well as, I am honored to be an entrepreneur speaker at clubhouse, several Radio shows, podcasts, social medias, …
  • I understand my client’s pain and feel empathy. I helped my clients to heal themselves naturally unguided them to where they want to be.  My protocol has worked for my clients, I am sure it can work for you too. Just try and stay consistent.
  • Stay with me until the end, I am going to share TIPS, TRICK AND SECRETS, I am giving you a free resource or a BONUS. If  you get a piece of my offer and take action, you will get huge results over time. Persistence matters! Are you ready? Here is how i can help you:
    • What if you could learn HOW TO prevent auto-immune diseases as soon as you can!
    • IMAGINE IF YOU COULD heal yourself naturally without suppression of symptoms.
    • No worry! I Have a ROAD MAP for you to be where you WANT TO BE
    • IMAGINE IF YOU COULD be healthier, have more energy, time, money and freedom.
    • Do you want to be worry free of chronic diseases?WHAT IF YOU COULD ACHIEVE ALL in 90 days? I created a FREE Ebook to teach you all.
  • If you want the Ebook , contact me.

  • WHY choose my Holistic health program? What are the advantages of my Holistic health program? How different is from others? Why you need to take action today?
    *My Holistic health approach is All inclusive. It includes physical, emotional and mental health. I understand the whole person. Educate you how to take back control of your own health.
    * Non Harming( no side effects of chemicals. We  avoid or minimized suppression of symptoms. We remove roots of illnesses.
    * My solutions are All Natural. We try to follow the nature harmony( establish, maintain and restore health). Doctor role is to facilitate the natural healing process, identify and remove obstacles to health and recovery. I as a DOCTOR EVALUATE you ON ALL LEVELS, DIRECTING TREATMENT AT ROOT CAUSES RATHER THAN SYMPTOMATIC EXPRESSION. We do not suppress the symptoms.
    * Emphasis on prevention( spend less time and energy, low cost, more effective)
    * Doctor as a teacher: Cooperative doctor -teacher relationship has inherent therapeutic value.My role is to educate and encourage to take responsibility. Doctor is a catalyst for change, empowering and motivating to assume responsibility. You are the one that ultimately create /accomplishes healing. Teaching with hope, knowledge and understanding to enable you heal yourself.
    Prevention: ultimate goal of any health care system should be prevention of diseases.  Appropriate interventions to avoid further harm or risk to the client. Building health works better and more surely than fighting diseases.
    •  Mistakes my clients made: neglection, Procrastination( postpone), being doubtful( no trust on themselves=we need to trust to get the work done). Others  had no consistency and no commitment to practice what I teach.
      • MY Expectation: I am looking for people who are COACHABLE : It means you take action and practice what I teach: do anything I tell you to do. You will get REWARDING HEALTH OUTCOMES  SO THAT you FEEL less inflammation, less sufferings, higher life quality, more  rejuvenation , joy , and longevity ….
      • I accept only 5 people who are going to take action. 
      • You might ask why? The answer is ; Those who followed my instruction and took action persistently, They are Happy with the action they took, are more grateful for the  service they received, Satisfied with their decisions, and natural health care has been one of their  best choices ever. 
      • I accept only those who FIT my service, READY TO COMMIT, FOLLOW through steps. 
      • I am so excited about to gift to you the secrets, tips and tricks  
    • If you are one of those qualified ones, Email back or call Dr. shari at 949-500-2984.
    • When you are ready, here is how else I can help you;
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    •               Kind Regards,
                    Dr. Shari 
                    Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy( ND)
                    Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
                    Experienced Yoga Therapist( 1000 HR)
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